30+ Super Black Friday Web Hosting, Themes, and Plugin Deals (do not miss the chance)

Today, we all are living in a digital and social media energized world. If you want your business to thrive, then you must invest in some necessary tools, plug-ins, apps, and services that will help you to boost your ROI and grow your online business for the next year.  

Now, when we say this, you must be wondering why it is essential to invest in such tools, plugins, apps, and services. An answer to this question is quite simple.

To understand it let us understand its benefits.

Benefits of Investing in premium themes, plug-ins, and web hosting deals


You Want Help

One of the main reasons to invest in such premium themes, plug-ins, and web hosting deals is most of them usually come with guaranteed support.

It means you will get help whenever you need it. Of course, some free themes and plug-ins provide you with help but only when the developer is not busy.

Sometimes you are willing to wait around but just imagine what happens when you cannot wait? It is tough luck. But, when it comes to premium themes, it usually comes with robust support. So, whenever you have any questions, you will get its answer.

You Want to Be Up-to-date

When it comes to the technology definitely you want to keep your software, plug-ins, apps everything up-to-the-minute. So, if you have a WordPress website, then you need to update, themes, plug-ins whenever WordPress rolls out.

Sometimes, this update looks like minor stuff, but sometimes a WordPress will introduce completely new features or break the old ones.

So, when no one is there to keep that old plug-in updated, it could stop working. Or in a worse case, it could become a security threat for you.

Quality Always Matters

Indeed, sometimes you get only what you pay for. Free themes are well-known for being poorly-coded. But, when it comes to premium themes and plug-ins, it usually goes the extra mile.

The reason is quite simple – people are paying for it, so its quality usually goes up a notch. Of course, here we do not want to say that all free plugins and themes are crap.

But, in general, when you pay for themes and plug-ins, you get more power, more customization, more options, and more specialized features with premium themes and plug-ins.

To Be an Original

The big downside of the free themes and plug-ins is that generally, everybody uses the good ones. So, when you start browsing the web, you will notice that every website is looking similar.

So, if you want to be unique and original then you will have to pay some extra dollars from your hard-earned money.

When you pay for it you will able to get some extra features, crazy stuff, and more powerfully it will take your site to another level by their good support and smart coding.

Safe and Secure

We all know that free themes specifically those are available outside of the WordPress theme directory, are famous for their malicious code. So, if you want to be 100% safe and secure, then you should go for a premium theme.

Support the Community

Let us not be selfish and try to be touchy-feely. Remember, WordPress is a community. It is an open-source software project that exists because its developers have been openhanded with their time and talents.

So, when you choose to go the premium route, you are supporting the WordPress economy and helping this community to grow. So, do not be a freeloader. Try to give back.

We hope you are convinced about these benefits. So, now let us try to understand first what is the Black Friday?

In a digital marketing world, Black Friday means just one thing – The best time to invest in the required tools, apps, themes, plug-ins, and services. So, your business will grow by leaps and bounds in the next year.

With this intention, we have written this post 30+ super black Friday web hosting, themes, and plug-in deals.

Most blogging and digital marketing related tools, apps, and services usually come at quite a cheap price at this time of the year.

So, it means you can purchase even that tool that you were not able to afford initially because of its costly price.

So, now 2020 Black Friday is here! And as we all know it means only one thing – Amazing deals.

Therefore, here in this blog post, you will find the Best Black Friday WordPress Deals on themes, plug-ins, web hosting, SEO, blogging, and marketing tools and software.

Therefore, if you are looking for the best Black Friday web hosting deals then you are at the right place.

The time for the biggest shopping season is here and there are overwhelming numbers of offers on the table this year. But, do not get panic, we are here to help you with putting your money on the best one only.

Hosting Names



Discounted Link

A2 Hosting

 67% Off


 75% Off


70% Off


75% Off

Liquid Web

66% Off


30% Off


75% Off


30% Off

WPX Hosting

95% OFF


35% Off


95% OFF

Let us check out these amazing deals one by one.

A2 Hosting – Grab Up to 67% Off On All Plans

Featuring first on the list is A2 hosting. Of course, everyone likes a webpage or we can say a website that loads with lightning speed. Therefore, if a website’s loading speed is in your priority list, then A2 Hosting is the perfect pick for you.

Features of A2 Hosting

They make use of SSD servers to provide you with the fastest loading speed
They make use of SSD servers to provide you with the fastest loading speed
You will mostly get 99.99% uptime. So, there is very little chance of a site going down
A2 hosting provides you with excellent security with firewalls and continuous monitoring.

Plus Points

Unlimited storage and transfer
99.9% uptime
Excellent Customer Support

A2 Hosting Black Friday Offers

67% off on shared hosting –packages start from $1.98/ month
67% off on managed WordPress – For that, you can use code SAVEBIG
40% off on reseller hosting – For that, you can use the code –BLKSELL
50% off on managed VPS hosting – Use code BLKVPS for that.
50% off on SSD dedicated servers – For that, make use of code 50DEDI

SiteGround – Up to 75% Off on All Plans

The next on the list is SiteGround. It is one of the most popular web hosting providers that incorporate SSD shared hosting in all their packages.

SiteGround Features

Free SSL certificate with every plan
SiteGround provides you with CDN services. If you want to
migrate your website then you can do it using their migration plugin.
It has data centers globally.

Plus Points

Excellent 24*7 customer support
Your hosting will be protected from hackers.
A 1-month refund guarantee with all the plans

Black Friday Deals

You can grab all these facilities with 75% cutoff on the usual deals during the Black Friday. And, this offer will be on for the next 5 days from its first day.

Hostgator – Grab Up to 70% Off On All Plans

Coming up next on the list is Hostgator. It is one of the oldest, reliable, and well-known web hosting providers. And, the good news here is that they have some exciting deals for you in 2020.

Features of Hostgator

The fast and easy setup procedure
It provides you with perfect uptime. The site will hardly go down
Free email hosting with almost all plans
Hostgator takes care of all the technical details while setting up a website for you

         Plus Points

99.99% uptime
The hassle-free and quick setup process
Excellent support for website setup

         Black Friday Deals

Some selected domain will have 80% off during some selected peak hours.
These selected domains will also have 65% off during the cyber weekend. You can get benefits of this offer with coupon codes such as 2020BF, 2020SB, 2020CM, and so on.

Bluehost – Grab Up to 75% Off On All Plans

Another great deal on the list of 30+ super black Friday deal is Bluehost’s 75% off deal. Bluehost is very popular among bloggers. They are even recommended by WordPress, too.

Bluehost Features

Bluehost is popular due to its highly-secured workflow along with the infusion of technologies such as SiteLock, Domain Privacy, and unique IP.
Free SSL certificates with all plans

Plus Points

You can get 24/7/365 excellent customer service support.
You can reach them via phone and chat options.

Black Friday Deals

They offer 75% off on most plans on black Friday time.
Their shared hosting plan starts from $2.65 / month.

Liquid Web – Grab Up to 66% Off On All Plans

Coming Up next on the list is Liquid Web. If you are searching for the best web hosting service provider for VPS and Cloud hosting, then this one is an ideal pick for you. It is one of the highly reliable web hosting service providers.

Liquid Web Features

The best part about this hosting service is its smooth and seamless migration of websites.
100% control over the data center

Plus Points

It provides you with double bandwidth and enterprise-grade DDO protection.

Black Friday Deals

You can avail 33% off on Cloud VPS with the coupon code FASTVPS50
Liquid Web has an amazing offer of up to 66% off when it comes to dedicated server hosting with the coupon code DEDI38.
They are even offering a 50% discount on managed WordPress for the first 6 months.

CloudWays – Grab 30% Off on All Plans

The next on the list is CloudWays. CloudWays is the perfect choice if you are looking for the cheaper package in the VPS section.

CloudWays Features

CloudWays is well-known for its following amazing features.

Easy-to-setup website using Cloudways
It provides you with a faster speed that will save you from the tedium of waiting.

Plus Points

CloudWays provides you with the extremely reliable customer service that will help you to solve any glitch that you are facing at the time of website loading or anything else.
They offer high security with the best practices.

Black Friday Deals

Usually, their basic plan starts with a small $10/ month pay. But, when its Black Friday deals are going on, you can avail of this plan or any other plan with a 40% discount for the first 3 months.

FastComet – Grab Up to 75% Off On All Plans

Whether you are a complete novice or the tech-savvy this web hosting service is the best for you. Do you want to know why? Then, read on.

FastComet Features

When you host your website in FastComet, you will experience the lightning loading speed. The reason behind it is that FastComet takes all the web pages through 5 layers of catching procedure
They provide SSD hosting for shared, VPS, and dedicated servers

Plus Points

When you choose FastComet’s web hosting service, you will experience 99.99% uptime. It means your website will rarely go down.
FastComet provides you with 24*7 customer service.

Black Friday Deals

During the FastComet Black Friday, they are offering super exciting deals on shared and VPS hosting.

If you have opted for shared hosting, then you can save up to 70% and get a free domain. For that, use the coupon code BFSALE70.
In VPS hosting, you can avail of 70% off on monthly and quarterly plans. For that, use the coupon code – BFCLOUD.

Kinsta – Grab 30% Off on All Plans

Featuring next on the list is Kinsta. Whether you are a starter or an enterprise, Kinsta has plans for all of you. There are much reliable and authority website such as ShoutMeLoud are also hosted on this server.

Kinsta Feature

It uses Google Cloud Platform for hosting websites. So, what is best about it? The best part about this thing is that there is no chance of your site to go down.
Free site migration and free SSL certificates

Plus Points

Kinsta offers premium support to solve every glitch of the clients.
Kinsta’s security system incorporates hardware firewalls and DDoS detection to keep your data safe and secure.

Black Friday Deals

You can get all these excellent features with Kinsta and also take benefit of a 30% off during the first month on monthly/ annual plans.

WPX Hosting – 95% OFF on First 3 Month or Free 3 Months on Annual Plan

Coming up next on the list is WPX Hosting.  Nowadays, this web hosting service is one of the popular and best-managed WordPress hosting on the internet.

WPX Hosting Features

This hosting service comes with free SSL certificates.
It offers free migration up to 5 websites.

Plus Points

WPX Hosting service provides its clients with 24*7 customer service.
This hosting service offers its clients nearly perfect uptime

Black Friday Deals

If you are a newcomer, then you can avail of a sky-scraping 95% discount on the first month pay.
If you take the annual plan, then you can avail of free hosting for the first 3 months. In short, there is no other better Black Friday Hosting Deal than this one.

FlyWheel – Grab 35% Off On All Plans

Featuring next on the list is FlyWheel. Choices that you will get in FlyWheel are a bit limited. You will only get managed WordPress hosting solutions on FlyWheel. However, this hosting platform is an ideal choice for web developers and designers.

FlyWheel Features

If you are a professional then there are lots of features that you will love.

You can avail of a temporary domain to start your website.
Free SSL certificate and CDN
Just like other web hosting services, FlyWheel also provides you with free migration of websites.

Plus Points

In this platform, a designer and a developer can grant access to one another. So, in this way, they can work co-operatively.

Black Friday Deals

In 2020, FlyWheel is coming up with its 35% off Black Friday deals on its all hosting plans.

NameCheap Hosting: Grab 90% – 95% OFF On All Plans

Coming up next on the list is NameCheap Hosting. If you are looking for some excellent domain deals, then you can opt for NameCheap. It is one of the biggest and much-loved domain sellers in the world. Initially, they were only into providing a domain but later they also started with providing web hosting.

NameCheap Hosting Features

The best part about NameCheap Hosting is that it makes use of CloudLinux for the optimization of your website.
They provide you with user-friendly and secure web hosting for your website.

Plus Points

One of the biggest plus points of opting for this hosting is that the uptime of the hosting is almost 99.99%. It means there is hardly any chance of your website going down.
Even if your website goes down, NameCheap offers excellent customer service 24*7.

Black Friday Deals

This year during Black Friday, NameCheap is providing exciting domain deals. You can avail of a 98% discount on hosting and domain deals.
You can also avail 95% and 90% off in private email and safety respectively

A blogger or we can say users need some appealing WordPress themes, plug-ins, tools, and services for the same. So, now let us focus on the places to get the best deals for all accessories.

Now it is time to talk about some great deals for bloggers. We all know that web hosting is not the only thing that a blogger needs to create attractive websites.

Product Name


Discounted Link


25% Instant Discount

Astra Pro

 30% Instant Discount


just $99.47

Elegant Themes

25% Instant Discount

Thrive Leads

25% Off 


35% Off

Convert Pro

60% Off


60% OFF


60% Off


40% Off

Elementor Pro

30% OFF 

Thrive Architect

25% Instant Discount

Social Snap Pro

50% Off

WP Rocket

35% Instant Discount

MalCare Pro

40% Discount

WP Coupons

60% Discount


30% Discount

Long Tail Pro

50% Off


30% Off 

WP Engine

5 Months Free

GeneratePress: Get 25% Instant Discount

The next on the list is GeneratePress. It is a tremendously light theme that will help you to add some speed and user-friendliness along with the elegance in your website.

GeneratePress Theme Features

This theme is an ideal pick for page builders.

This new page builder gives more control for the creation of the content to the users.
It is compatible with all major page builders.
It comes with microdata integration, five locations for navigation, navigation color presets, and various other features

Black Friday Deals

This year during Black Friday, GeneratePress is going to provide 25% off on premium plug-ins.
On license renewal for a lifetime of all premium-plugins, they are going to provide 50% off.
The GeneratePress premium license cost is around $49 per month. However, during Black Friday, the new purchase will bear around a 25% discount on its price.

Astra Pro – Grab 30% Instant Discount On All Plans

Up next on the list is Astra Pro. It is well-known for providing its users with great features to create an engaging website but that also within budget.

Astra Pro Features

This theme comes with a transparent header that provides a website with an elegant look.
Its sticky header remains at the top at the time the users scroll down the page.
The theme comes with more color control. So, it provides more control over the customization of the theme.
This theme offers complete control over WooCommerce templates.

Black Friday Deals

During forthcoming Black Friday sales, Astra Pro is offering 25% off on all their plans. These plans incorporate – Astra Pro, Mini Agency, and Agency bundle.

MyThemeShop – Annual Membership of $1800 at just $99.7

Featuring next on the list is MyThemeShop. It offers its consumers 30+ plug-ins and 100+ themes. They have 390k+ users. This count speaks volumes about their popularity. Let us check out some amazing features of it.

MyThemeShop Features

The main focus area of MyThemeShop is to facilitate affiliate marketing.
This theme comes with the free lead generation tool that helps you to increase your subscriber list.
The theme comes with the free countdown timer and content box.
This lead generation tool works efficiently with email services like MailChimp

Black Friday Deals

During the upcoming Black Friday, MyThemeShop is offering annual membership of $8900 at just $99.47.
This membership scheme comes with the 100+ themes and 18+ premium plug-ins.

Elegant Themes – Grab 25% Instant Discount

The next on the list is Elegant Themes. If you are searching for a kind of theme that can give your blog a professional look, then investing in this theme is the best option for you.

Elegant Theme Features

Elegant provides you with new attractive themes every month.
Their all themes are responsive and SEO-friendly.
All the elegant themes come at a relatively low rate.

Black Friday Deals

During the upcoming Black Friday day, elegant is offering a 25% discount. Additionally, they are also giving some other things like design layout or WP caldera. These are most probably helpful for designers.

Thrive Leads – Grab 25% Off On All Plans

Coming up next on the list is Thrive Leads. It is an excellent tool if you want to increase your subscriber base within a few days. The only downside is that the price is relatively high.

Thrive Leads Features

It comes with a complete screen filter overlay.
It has 2 steps to the opt-in form.
It has sticky ribbons on the upper section.
The lightbox is presented in a pop-up model.

Black Friday Deals

On Black Friday deal day, consumers will get 25% off on all plans.

OptinMonster – Grab 35% Off On All Plans

The next on the list is OptinMonster. This one is also an excellent tool for increasing your subscriber’s list. This tool is much-loved by pro-level bloggers.

This tool is quite useful and they even provide you a refund guarantee. Therefore, you can give it a try and then decide whether you want to keep it or not. So, if you do not want to keep it, then they will give you money back in no time.

OptinMonster Features

This tool has 10+ different types of totally conversion pop up boxes.
The tool supports A/B testing of the websites.
The plus point of this marketing tool is that it provides you with page-level targeting.

Black Friday Deals

OptinMonster is offering 35% off on its all plans on upcoming Black Friday. This sale will last from 23trd November to 26th November 2020.

Convert Pro – Grab 60% Off On All Plans

Featuring next on the list is Convert Pro. It is one of the most popular lead generator tools.

Convert Pro Features

This tool has various useful pop-ups in the tool – exit intent, multi-state, and on click pop up.

This tool even supports A/B testing of the website.
The tool is mobile responsive so you do not have to face any problem while using it on your mobile phone.

Black Friday Deals

If you want to buy this useful tool, then the right time to purchase it Black Friday because during this time you will get 60% off on all its plans.

ConvertKit: Get 60% OFF On All Plans

Coming up next on the list is ConvertKit. It is an auto-responder tool that lets the user prepare a list of email addresses and set them to send at a specific time to a few predefined consumers or viewers.

ConvertKit Features

ConvertKit provides you with a 14 day trial period.
The user can build an elegant landing page so it will help a user to attract more consumers.
Even, user can auto resend the emails to users who have not yet opened the previous mail.

Black Friday Deals

ConvertKit is giving you a chance to save $1000 during the upcoming Black Friday sale. If you are in search of an active email marketing service, then this one is the best option for you.

Aweber – Grab 60% Off On All Plans

Aweber is popular amongst users because of its easy-to-use interface and excellent customer support service. Till now, they have 1,20,000+ users.

Aweber Features

Aweber has an autoresponder feature such as ConvertKit.
It has the drag and drops editor feature.
Aweber provides you with a 30-day trial version. So, you can check all the qualities before you go to buy the service.

      Black Friday Deals

During the upcoming Black Friday, you can grab a 60% off deal on their all plans.

GetResponse – Grab 40% Off On 1000 Sales

Up next on the list is GetResponse. It is one of the most useful services as it helps the newbie bloggers in building their email lists quickly.

GetResponse Features

This service comes with the autoresponder feature that helps in sending scheduled emails to predefined consumers.
GetResponse has various free templates to offer
Its service also incorporates the landing page building feature.
GetResponse also offers add-on services such as A/B test splitting.

Black Friday Deals

GetResponse is offering 40% off on its first 1000 sales during the Black Friday period.

Elementor Pro: 30% OFF On All Plans

Coming up next on the list is Elementor Pro. It is an outstanding page builder that will help you to tailor your header, blog page, and sidebars.

Elementor Pro Features

It is a user-friendly drag and drops page builder.
It comes with 90+ widgets and 300+ designs.
It also comes with the option of a theme builder.

Black Friday Deals

On upcoming Black Friday, Elementor Pro is offering 30% off on all its plans for the new consumers. It is an ideal opportunity for anyone who is searching for useful WordPress plug-ins.

Thrive Architect – Grab 25% Instant Discount

The next on the list is Thrive Architect. It is a plug-in that is used to get a high-traffic on websites.

Let us check out a few unique features of it.

Thrive Architect Features

It comes with stylish buttons.
Just one click and the tweet box will get appear.
With this plug-in, you will also get a countdown timer.

Black Friday Deals

Do you want to achieve high-traffic through Thrive Architect? Then, you can achieve it during their Black Friday deals. They are offering 25% off in their member plan on upcoming Black Friday.

Social Snap Pro – Grab 50% Off On All Plans

Coming up next on the list is Social Snap Pro. If you want to share a WordPress post in your social media accounts, then you can use this plug-in.

Social Snap Features

This plug-in offers social sharing options on the top and the bottom of posts.
It supports 30+ social sharing options.
It comes with a floating sidebar for user convince.

Black Friday Deals

The great news is that Social Snap Pro is offering 50% off on its membership plans on the upcoming Black Friday.

WP Rocket – Grab 35% Instant Discount

The next on the list is WP Rocket. This plug-in helps in boosting up the loading speed of a site that is important for Google ranking procedure.

WP Rocket Features

It provides its users with browser caching, cache preloading, minification, page caching, and so on.

Black Friday Deals

WP Rocket is providing its membership plans with a 35% discount. So, Black Friday will be the perfect time to go and grab this opportunity.

MalCare ProGrab 40% instantaneous Discount

If you want to protect your website from hackers and other threats, then MalCare Pro will help you with that.

MalCare Pro Features

It provides you with dreadful bot protection and spam protection.
It also does blacklist monitoring.
All files that you upload will be scanned for malware.

Black Friday Deals

MalCare Pro is offering 40% off on its products on upcoming Black Friday,

WP Coupons – Grab 60% Discount

The next on the list is WP Coupons. This plug-in helps the user in increasing his/her affiliate sales.

WP Coupons Features

This plug-in is mobile responsive.
You can create a deal page on your website if you opt for this plug-in.
You can display this plug-in on the sidebar of a blog.

Black Friday Deals

You can avail of this 60% off in its membership deals for Black Friday.

SEMrushGrab 30% Discount On All Plans

Coming up next on the list is SEMrush. This is one of the best tools for you if you are a blogger, a digital marketer, or an SEO professional.

This tool provides you with the keywords that Google users have been using to search the articles that belong to the same niche as your post.

SEMrush Features

You can display this plug-in on the sidebar of a blog.
It will suggest you the backlinks that will help you in increasing your ranking.
This tool helps you to compare your post with the top 10 results on Google search engine for the same niche or category.

Black Friday Deals

And, here is the good news. You can avail of this helpful tool at a 60% discount on the regular price during Black Friday.

Long Tail ProGrab Instant 50% Off

The next on the list is Long Tail Pro. This is one of the perfect tools to find the right keyword for a topic. Let us check out some amazing features of this tool.

Long Tail Pro Features

Using this tool, you can find the best long-tail keyword.
With this tool, you can even identify the keyword difficulty level.
Based on the keyword you enter in this tool, it can make keyword of its own.

Black Friday Deals

Long Tail Pro is providing 50% off in its buying during the Black Friday amazing deals.

KWFinder Grab 30% Off On All Plans

Featuring next on the list is KWFinder. It is a useful tool to find keywords.

KWFinder Features

Using this tool, you can search the keywords used by your competitors.
With this tool, SERP analysis is also available.
This tool can even help you in finding hidden long-tail keywords.

Black Friday Deals

KWFinder is offering 30% off on all its new purchases and upgrades with lifetime validity. Most probably this sale will start on the 29th of November, 2020.

WP EngineGrab 5 Months Free Hosting Offer

Last but not least in the list is WP Engine. It offers good web hosting services with some amazing features.

WP Engine Hosting Features

WP Engine Hosting provides you with excellent support whenever you face any issue.
It offers lightning speed for website loading.
Automatic backup for free
Total of three pricing options to suit your needs.

Black Friday Deal

  • On upcoming Black Friday, WP Engine is offering 5 months free web hosting deal. You can avail this deal by using coupon code – cyberwknd30

To Sum Up

There you have it all. So, now we feel that you are no longer have any excuse not to grab this opportunity and bring that your website to give new life.

With the above-listed Black Friday Web Hosting Deals for 2020, you will be able to buy hosting services, plugins, apps, themes, and other services at giveaway prices.

This is that time when you can invest some money to purchase web hosting deals at a huge discounted price and save money for other areas of their business.

So, if you are planning to switch your blogging platform from the Blogger to WordPress or you merely want to switch from your current hosting service to a new one, then this is the perfect time for you.

We hope that you liked this amazing list of deals that will be beneficial for you the next year. So, yes! it is worth saying that the Black Friday period is the ideal time to purchase a web hosting package and save money.

If you already purchased anything from the above-listed deals, then let us know in a comment section below. And, also if you feel that we forgot to list out any product here then share your views with us in a comment box below.

Any comments, views, suggestions, and recommendations are highly appreciated.

We would love to hear from you. If you have any queries regarding these deals then please feel free to ask us. We would love to assist you with this.

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