How To Start A Blog In 2021 From Scratch

If you are looking for a free and easy step by step guide then this blog will take only 20 to min to start a blog.

This is the beginner’s guide. For every step, I added an image for better understanding.

This blog post will never ask you questions like..

what is your name?
how are you?
how old are you?
what are you doing types of questions?

Instead of that, it will ask you the domain and hosting budget to start a blog.

Before going forward, stop there and know the basic things about a blog. If you are still not started your blog and yet you are thinking about writing a blog, then this will help you to write and publish your blog post.

Before starting a blog, you should own a domain and hosting server.

If you do not know about hosting and servers, there is nothing to worry about. I will help you

In simple sentences, A domain is an address through which Internet users access your website And hosting a space server in which your website runs.

Many hosting servers are there like

These are the best hosting service provider. WordPress is the best platform to start a blog because WordPress is an Open Source Content Management System.

But if you are a newbie and want to start your blog, I will suggest you start on the Blogspot platform and when you will get some success then you can change your platform to WordPress.

Easily you can migrate your blog from to WordPress.

For blogging WordPress is recommended, For hosting A2 hosting is recommended and for a domain, GoDaddy is recommended (because GoDaddy is the highest domain seller platform )

If you want to know more about A2 hosting read the article here.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is a platform that will take all the SEO responsibilities. There are so many SEO tool plugins are there for WordPress website which will help you to make your blog a SEO friendly blog.

As a result, this will help you to drive more traffic to your site as well as it will improve your website ranking in the search engine result page. The best part of WordPress is, it loads faster than other websites.

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  • This is one of the most popular open-source content management systems.
  • A minimum of 80% of people are using this.
  • It will save your time to design a website/blog.
  • Thousands of plugins and themes are available for free.

Initially, WordPress was evolved for bloggers and then it changed it’s platform to cms (content management system). WordPress is created by integrating some PHP and SQL codes.

Benefits of WordPress Website

  • Friendly interface
  • Easy 100 % customization of your site design
  • For extra functionalities, WordPress plugins are there
  • Secure modifying and upgrading your data
  • No coding is needed
  • Manageable from any computer
  • Easy access

What is a Blog?

A blog is a way to help others/readers to solve the issues they have in your niche.

You have to know all the disadvantages and advantages of the blog because you can’t stop afterward. If you will stop you will not get any success and you can never achieve the goal you dreamed.

I already discussed in an article that you should know as a blogger.

before one decade blog was not popular, but these days without a blog page a website is incomplete. A blog is important to help your customers and address your customers. A blog is nothing all about guiding people through content.

Suppose you are running a business and providing customer service and on the other hand you have written some blog posts to help your customer.

If they will face any issue, Here what will happen, your customers will first search online, and then after they will go for your helpline support ( chatbox and helpline number) because this is the digital era and every solution is available online these days.

I love to write. I have an interest in writing so I prefer to blog and very soon I am going to start my youtube channel too.

A blog is the best way to promote your product and services and make better customer relationships.

How to Become a Successful Blogger?

To become a successful blogger you need to know some things, which help you toward your goal to become successful blogging.

  • passionate about your topic/niche
  • write sufficient content
  • doing proper research
  • regular updating the content

If you know your niche then it is good to go.

But most of the people choose the wrong niche to start a blog that is why they failed to take advantage of blogging.

But here I will tell you some tips to find out your profitable niche that is lucrative and something you can feel passionate about.

Steps to Find Out Your Niche

  • choose a topic you enjoy
  • competition on that niche
  • make sure your topic is profitable
  • test your topic 

Choose a Topic You Enjoy:

Stating a blog with having a nice domain name and good hosting is easy these days,

But without a topic is your blog make any sense? no.

Niche is the heart of the blog.

Publish your first article is an exciting experience but after a couple of months, they often lose interest and without having interest there is no value of having a topic. Because you can not consistent.

I said earlier that you should have consistency in your blogging career. That is why you have to choose a topic/niche that you can speak and passionate about.

You have to find out the special skill you have, on which topic you have more ideas and more interest.

Make sure your topic should be knowledgeable and profitable as well. It may be anything that you do in your free time.

You have to spend quality time for finding your niche. Because once you step up into a blogging journey with a niche then no one can stop you to achieve your goal.

Your niche could be one of your experiences and hobby also. Do not think you have to an expert about that topic. If you have an interest in some topic also you can learn to apply and share it in your blog.

This is the best idea to improve your knowledge as well. You can’t disagree with this.

Competition on your selected niche:

After picking up the perfect niche to start a blog, you need to do proper market research. You have to check the whole thing about your niche competitor which may help you to start.

Keyword research and keyword competition is the most important factor in blogging. You can go for some free tools uber suggest, keyword planner, etc..

Plugin some related keywords in your niche and go to the suggested keyword search volume. If the search volume is good and competition is less then you have chosen the right niche. 

You can use websites like Reddit list and google trends which help you to get some trending topics and keyword ideas.

Check whether your competitor blogs have good enough content or not if not then you made the right choice.

Blog monetization for your niche:

Is your blog is profitable?
Can your blog give you any profit?
Is your niche is has any value?
How can you monetize your niche blog?.  

After everything is clear the only you need is to monetize your blog. There are so many ways are there to monetize your blog these days. three platforms people are using these days to monetize.

Google AdSense
Affiliate marketing
Fixed ad

In affiliate marketing, you can earn 10X more money than Adsense with having less traffic. Yes, you have to make all this planning before start a blog, otherwise, it would be death-dealing for your blog Because according to the monetization strategy you have to design your blog.

Test your performance for a couple of months:

After all the marketing research and the monetization plan or strategy, you set. It is time to test your niche to get clarity for your blog.

Don’t go to purchase your domain and hosting here. Rather you can go for free blogs like by Google and it is free to use).

Every blogger first uses this for a couple of months and then they upgrade their blog to WordPress. I also did the same thing to my blog.

Now it is time to get some traffic to your blog to see the audience’s reaction, interaction, and engagement with your blog and before traffic, you need content, some blogposts to attract audiences.

Write Sufficient Content

Most people are avoiding some topics in their posts. People want more and more valuable content.

Content is the king” You have to write sufficient content in your niche.

This phrase used as a marketing buzzword. Content can inspire, engage and convert valuable customers. 

Don’t cover so many niches initially. It may confuse your audience to believe you and your blog.

Blog helps and allows you to educate your customers and the public of the world. in this way it can improve your conversions. Only you have to create quality content that provides value for your customers and audiences.

Your content should be decorated in such a way that your first-time visitors don’t leave without reading the full blog. you can add some interesting videos, images to engage them with your content.

Remember one thing content is your trust.. and the only way to engage audiences.

Do proper research:

Writing content with taking a bunch of words is not called quality and valuable content.

These below four steps will help you to do proper research

1) Proper competitor analysis:

As I earlier discussed, your 60% issue will be solved by this research. We have the best magical tool called semrush which can help us to do deep research on our competitor. You have to spy on your competitor.

Join the community and forum in your niche

You can join the groups in community websites and forum websites like quora and you can ask your thoughts to clarify your doubts. You can help each other in your community.

Join the social group

Social community groups like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, to get some ideas suggestions from relevant peoples to improve your blog.

Attend events in your niche

Whether it is an offline or online event in your niche, just try to attend the event to get some more value and interact with your competitor and pro blogger.

Due to which you will know how others manage their blog and how they are driving traffic and earning.

Regular updating the content

Search engines like google, yahoo follow those blogs who update their blogs on a regular basis according to customer and reader requirements. And they will push your webpage toward the top on the SERP page.

All search engines like google, yahoo, Yandex, Bing, etc like contents. so, if you will give quality content they will boost your rank. You have to keep your content up to date always with fresh content.

How To Start a Blog in Just 6 Steps.

This will take your 20 min

  • pick a domain name for your blog
  • get a hosting to take your blog online
  • customize and design your blog
  • publish your first post
  • configure with search console and google analytics
  • create and share the post on social pages and join some group

Pick a domain name for your blog

Your domain name should be easy to write online and make others remember easily. Like Digitaltapan, Onlinetechtips, etc.

Many bloggers are suggesting to take the domain like which contains niche related words like technoblog, moneyblog. But remember domain will not help you to get traffic through SEO. 

Your strategy towards your blog helps you to make a profitable blog.

The steps you are taking to promote your blog will help you to get the traffic. The SEO process is the same for all the blogging niche types.

Go to Godaddy or Namecheap for domain registration.

But here I will tell you how to buy the domain in GoDaddy(because I am personally using GoDaddy to purchase domain).

Click on the below link and go to the website where you can find a domain search box and search for the domain you want. ( see in the image below).

search domain and extenton for your blog

Then in the next step, you have to choose the extension you want. Choose .com if you want to target audience globally other than going for .in .uk. us according to your county and target audience.

Then add to the cart and go to continue shopping.

add domain privacy

Now it will ask to buy domain privacy, professional email, and hosting. You have to choose only the domain privacy and then you can go for the login. If you have already an account otherwise create a new account there…

If you are thinking about professional emails like or then let me tell you here, you can create this type of professional emails for free.

your domain in your godaddy cart

And then go to choose the mode of payment from the options. Credit card, debit card, UPI, Paytm, etc…

After payment, you can see your domain in your product list.

available domain in your godaddy product list

To see the product list, open your account and then on the right side top click on the drop-down option, you will see your products link. Just click on that and then you can see the domain you purchased.

Now it is time to go hosting.

The best recommended hosting is a2 hosting. If you want the details then click here and return with a hosting plan.

As a beginner the best hosting you can go for a drive or turbo boost web hosting plan. You have to follow some simple steps to purchase hosting. Follow the screenshot images to finish your hosting set up.

Steps one:

Click on the link here to land on the a2 hosting website

Step two:

Click on the shared hosting plan. You can see 4 plans available and you have to choose the turbo boost hosting plan and then click on the get turbo boost button over there.

choose turbo boost hosting in a2 shared hosting plan

Step three:

Now it will ask you for the domain. If you want to buy a domain then check your domain whether it is available or not. If you have an existing domain then you can add your domain in the existing domain box over there.

enter your existing domain in the box

Here You can get your domain but, as I already said you have to buy your domain from the GoDaddy so that in future if you want to change your hosting then easily you can add name servers and can add your domain with your new hosting. Now click on continue.

Step four:

It is time to take your term plan. Means, for how many years you want to purchase the hosting. The benefits of a long term plan are (if you are a first time user) you will get a 63% discount for the first time.

That is why set your mind and take for a longer period. Otherwise, you can go for a one-year plan….

a2 shared hosting term plan

If you want, you can go for a dedicated IP, Cloudflare plan, railgun, data backup. But I will suggest that you go for dedicated IP only. If it really needed for your blog.

advanced options in shared hosting that you can take

Step five:

Now domain configuration. If you will buy domain here then only it will show you this step. Click on DNS management and email forwarding…

domain name dns

Step six:

Now click on the checkout button and fill the details like your security question, email id, and password and pay using debit card credit card UPI, etc available for you.

check out form

After successfully payment, your hosting is ready to go on…

Then log in with your login id and password you created.

Here you have to add the name server of the domain you purchased in GoDaddy so that you can connect it with your hosting…

Here is how to change the domain name server in Godaddy

Go to a2 hosting and click on the account details, copy the name servers there one by and one and paste in your GoDaddy domain DNS by changing it to custom name servers then save it.

By default 2 name servers will be there you have to add two new name server box.

a2 hosting account login

Select the domain from your domain list for that particular domain in your GoDaddy dashboard.

godaddy domain name server

After you finish with the domain name server you have to wait for one hour then go to hosting c panel by login through c panel link. 

Step 1: go to WordPress a2 optimized….

install a2 optimized wordpress

Step 2: Click on install

Step 3: Step up with your WordPress details (like WordPress user id and password ) and click on the install

set up your wordpress with details

Then after you will get this below message, now you have to click the administrative link to log in with the credentials you set.

successfully installed wordpress

Here are the steps you should follow to make a beautiful website.

Before that be ensure that you purchased your domain and hosting from a reputed server.

Customize and design your blog

Four simple steps you have to follow here…

  1. Pages
  2. Menu
  3. Themes
  4. Customize

By using these steps you can make a beautiful website ->First go to pages and create some pages for your site like home, about us, privacy policy, contact us, etc..

add pages to your website

Go to the menu and place the pages you created which you can set it by selecting the pages you want as a menu.

add pages as your menu that you created

Before that, you give a name to your menu list and save it.

Click on themes and then install and activate the best theme. If you have themes in your desktop in the zip file, you can upload it to the themes page of WordPress.

upload and install the themes

Some of the best themes are available these days which other bloggers are using and suggesting. You can also use these WordPress themes.

Free versions of these themes are also available but demerit with free themes is, there is some limitation of features. So better to go for premium themes

After having the best lightweight theme you need to have a page builder like elementor to give an awesome design to your page and blog post. Elementor is one of the best and it suits all types of WordPress themes.

Then go to the customizing option through clicking appearance.

In customizing options you can change your background image, header image, header text, text color, can change your logo, menu style, etc. You can add widgets in the sidebar, header, and footer, and can add additional CSS over there.

customize your theme to make it professional

If you want to make your website more attractive you can add more useful plugins. WordPress website is all about the plugin.

Widgets and plugins only make your website a professional one.

Final step:

Publish your first post

Go to the posts in the dashboard, click on add new and start writing your blog post title and content adding attractive featured images and images for a blog post.

create your first blog post

After writing your blog post you need to do SEO and you have to start promoting your blog in social pages you created for your website.

Here is the best magical SEO tool to find the best keywords and do competitor analysis to better optimize your blog post.

You have to do more and more off-page optimization for your blog to improve the visibility of your blog.

Backlink making is the best way to improve your optimization score. Here is a blog post to know how backlinks help in SEO.

Take your blog online with the help of search console and google analytics

After you publish your post you need to index your post in search engine. Google bot crawl and index post when someone publishes a new article so that it can reach to the audience who really need.

To index, your page, Google has a tool called search console. you have to create your account there using your Gmail id.

Here are the steps you can follow to index your posts and pages.

Go to and login with your Gmail id. Go to add a property clicking through search property and add your website URL in the URL prefix box then press continue.

add your website as a property in google search console.

After you added your URL property you can index any page going through URL inspection and click enter. Now if you found your page that “it is not in google” then index it.

Now we have to connect our blog to google analytics. to track our audience.

It is also a free tool provided by Google. go to and sign in with your Gmail id.

1)Set up your google analytics account for free

connect to google analytics

2)Enter your account name

set up your google account

3)The enter Website name, URL, category, and timezone.

enter your website  url , reporting time zone, category

4)Click the web to measure the analytics

select your measure type in analytics

5)Accept terms and conditions

accept the terms and condition

6)Copy tracking code an paste in the head tag

copy your tracking code

to paste the analytics code, go to theme editor clicking through appearance and then right bar click theme header and paste code before </head>.

paste your tracking code in your website header

Create social pages for your blog.

Social networks help you to reach your community group. Community groups help people to share each other’s ideas and strategies.

On Facebook, you can create Business pages and groups to build your network. You have to create your social pages on.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest…

There is a plugin called social snap which is a WordPress plugin that can help you easily share your posts in all the social network sites with just one click.

Final Thought

This blog post is designed for the newbie who at least doesn’t know about domain and hosting.

This blog post will guide you to start your blogging journey. This 20 minutes blog post guide can help you to write your first blog post.

I hope you like this blog post. Share this post with your friend and colleague who wants to start a blog and earn some passive income…

looking forward to seeing your thought.

Frequently Asked Question to Start a Blog

How much minimum does it cost to start a blog?

Although A2 hosting has a $2.99 per month plan, I suggest you go for an annual plan why because A2 hosting offering 63% off for the first time user.

Is it right to start a blog in 2021?

Of course, there are no problems with this, you can start earning a handsome amount every month by starting your blog in 2021 also.

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