How Effective Social Bookmarking While Doing SEO

Do you know how many people using social media sites these days?

But, instead of knowing how many people using it, it would be important to know that every day new people are entering into social media.

Nothing to be amazed. It is a fact and I think you accept it too

People stay online from morning to night. One out of every 10 people accesses the website by clicking on the post, posted on the social media site.

The way we share our selfie videos, in the same way, we can increase the traffic of our website by sharing our business website or blog post link.

So let’s talk about social bookmarking…

Social bookmarking is a way of saving your webpage link in bookmarking sites. It allows marketers to share their webpage link to each other or in their community. It has a great impact on SEO

What Is Social Bookmarking

Unlike file sharing, social bookmarking doesn’t save the bookmark resource files. It merely saves the bookmarks that reference them.

It is like how we are sharing our links or photos in the social network (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, etc.)

You can easily tag a page by using a tag-based tool called bookmark and share it with your community group members.

Community groups can be any social network sites that you are using to promote our product and stuff. Facebook, Linkedin, Quora, Whatsapp telegram also included

digital tapan facebook group- social bookmarking sites

Generally, bookmarking means we are saving a webpage in our browser for our future reference. But in case of social bookmarking, we are saving our links on a webpage.

You can save your web page as bookmarking by using your keyword and tags.

It has an impact on digital marketing those who are SEOs planning to their link building called a backlink. It is one of the important techniques in the backlink journey.

You will not get only backlinks but also you will get targeted traffic.

One of the major components is you will get high-quality backlinks with the help of social bookmarking.

If you will search for social bookmarking sites then google will yield hundreds of results, so in this case, how could you know the best worth sites for your link building.

Well. this article gives the best worth, you should bookmark your web page.

People who reach your site through social bookmarking sites, only because of your webpage appeared when they search for their interest keyword.

What will happen with this, if your readers want, they can save the post link and share it in their community group sites.

bookmark any page in your own browser

Generally, In bookmarking, you are saving a webpage in your own personal browser and you can access it only through it only. But in social bookmarking, you can access it from wherever if you have an internet connection there.

In bookmarking, it will directly not share with anyone, but in social bookmarking, it will automatically reach to your community once you submit your webpage link.

Mostly, social bookmarking sites, where as long as you are sign-in to the site, it will show you the recent updates of your bookmarking web pages as well as customization options.

Social bookmarking works as a search engine like google, yahoo, and bing, etc. You need search tags and hashtags to search for your interest and you can quickly narrow down the list of your interest.

People can save their links and allow bloggers to discuss about the topic. You need to go back to the site to update your webpage.

It can be a great source that can share each others’ posts with their community and can start the discussion with them.

Social Bookmarking Gives SEO Benefit

Improve Keyword Rankings

Social bookmarking sites have direct impacts on the SERP ranking that is why Google is announcing it is a convenient way to build your own way link.

Here, in these sites, you can add the number of keywords and tags as compared to other techniques of the backlink.

You can check your keyword and ranking by using the magical SEO tool Semrush

You need to execute all the factors like backlink, domain authority, bounce rate, and content to improve your page rank in the SERP page. 

Faster Indexing

As you know, all the social bookmarking sites are high authority sites. That is the main reason search engines automatically get notified that you have a new webpage on your website and they go for crawl and index your web page.

This is the reason for faster indexing your page.

As soon as you got indexed by the search engine you will get traffic to your page and this helps you to get better user experience and user-friendly to your page as website.

Targeted traffic for Lead Generation (Decrease Bounce Rate)

Regular posting of your webpage makes you go viral on your webpage. Don’t stop posting in one social bookmarking site to make it viral and do posting in multiple social bookmarking sites.

This helps you increase the flow of traffic. The wonderful thing is, at any time you can tweak your bookmarking link.

lead generation and bounce rate are the benefits of targeted traffic

Chances of converting the traffic from these sites as your customer, subscriber, and follower to your sites are more.

As per the SEO perspective, Your bounce rate will decrease because you are using keywords and tags or you can say search intended phrases and undoubtedly users would spend much time on your website.

The bounce rate is one of the main factors in ranking for SEOs.

As I already discussed that this will help you go viral because of your brand and content promotion. Running a business or organization without potential customers would not be exist.

No Customers = No Business

There is a quote written by Michael LeBoeuf says…

Every company’s greatest assets are its customers because without customers there is no company.

So here is the answer is lead generation.

Because lead generation is the most important part of any type of business, after getting some leads(audiences’ name, email id, and phone number) only you can convert them to your valuable/potential customer. 

And I am sure you can’t refuse it.

Here content plays an important role. Without content this is impossible.

Content only helps to educate about the product and services and these social bookmarking sites will help you accumulate quality leads for your business with the help of your content.

More Subscriptions

Subscriber is also more important as your traffic because the traffic you are getting as your subscriber is your high-quality traffic.

Both are more precious for any kind of business

If traffic coming to the sites from where you bookmark your site and if they feel and getting your content valuable then they will subscribe to your blog to get regular updates because your blog educates them and solve their issues.

You can start email marketing by collecting your blog readers’ email ids and can send them your invitation to read the new blog post you published.


Powerful Email Marketing Tool

Available for free to use up to 1000 subscribers. I love this tool.

Beautiful thing is you can send your own product and some affiliate product with an affiliate link that you promote in your blog and you can earn a passive income. Even you can sell your own product likes ebooks, videos, etc..

Recommended blog posts to read which may help you to understand

How well a website is running in search engine ?

In search intent view, what is the value of website ?

Domain authority is the answer.

This is an authority score provided by Moz. Which tells the chances of getting a position on the SERP page. With this score, you can imagine that your website will be ranked in the search engine or not.

moz domain authority checker tool

If you want to increase your domain authority score, then you have to pay attention to a lot of metrics.

To calculate the domain authority, you have to know your number of links to the root domain and the total number of links that have come to your website.

And one more thing is that if your website will get more quality links, then the probability of your domain authority score will be increased.

Backlinks play an important role in SEO and we need to do quality backlinks to get quality traffic, thereby boosting your page rank on the SERP page.

Domain authority depends on your quality backlink. But it is not an easy task.

There are many factors are there which you need to follow such as

  • Site’s page speed
  • Download time
  • Moz Rank
  • User experience
  • Traffic
  • Social signals
  • Backlinks, etc.

And as a blogger, you may know how much time these work takes to execute.

More links from social bookmarking sites help you to get more link juice from various good domain authority sites and this helps your website to earn a good authority score.

We have some domain authority checker tools like

Chrome extensions like

You can use them to get your authority score.

Build Strong Social Signals Helps you Go Viral

More like and share through social sites = more brand and more credit

More social signal= More referral traffic

More social referral traffic which leads your website to get a boost in rank on the SERP page.

Regular posting and interacting with your community helps you to go viral. First of all, make sure that your content is appealing enough to attract people.

Then only there is a chance that visitors will save or share your webpage. This is the way how social bookmarking helps you to go viral.

Keep this always in mind that “content is king” you have to follow this sutra always if you are a blogger or internet marketer.

Only you need relevant and quality content to get more likes and shares through all the social signals like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, etc..

Brand promotion with Content

Well, there is so much other stuffs are there to outreach the social media strategy but when it comes to the content promotion then social bookmarking is still an effective way with the help of which you can reach your targeted audience and show them your product services, etc..

Adding all the webpage URL, keywords/tags, title, description definitely have a massive impact on your SEO.

Regular posting on these sites will give you spread your networks for your business throughout all the social pages to get targeted traffic.

When a new user geta a blog attractive or interesting then definitely they will subscribe to the website or blog to get notified and visit your page regularly.

Improve Interaction with subscriber and follower in Social Page

This is not enough

If you are thinking about social signals, domain authority, backlink, bounce rate, etc are only matters then this is not.

interaction with your customer and follower

You have to come into conversation with your readers and subscribers to earn trust and solve their problem/issue they are facing in your niche.

You have to reply to them in your comments section of your blog and you can ask them to join your social group like a Facebook group to solve their issue.

Social Bookmarking Sites to Boost Your SEO and Drive Traffic.

We Heart ItAixinDashi
Mozy LinksEmolinks


So, this is how social bookmarking is vitally important in terms of SEO. It helps us to drive targeted traffic and boost our ranking in SERP enormously.

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If you believe I missed something then let me know in the comment box so that I can add and will help it to other readers to know more.

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