SEO Meta Title and Description Guide

If you want to rank in Google, then you have to follow the terms and conditions set by Google.

By the way, are you following these rules?.

If your post is ranking in a good position, it means you are following Google well.

After searching for anything in Google, whatever results are there, we found two things common and that is the title and description of the post.

If you pick any result from the SERP page, first you will see the title and the description written below it.

And if these two elements are passing all the parameters of google and in a proper way, then no one can stop you from driving free traffic from Google.

Because if your these two elements are not attractive then why would anyone click on it to get the information?

I have seen many blog posts that have good title and description but the content that does not match. If so then your dream to be a successful blogger will never come true.

You should consistently focus on the blog content as well as title and description.

That is why before writing any post, we first think about the title, what should be the title?

After selecting a niche what comes to your mind and strike is what should be title and description. Because of this, people and search engines will know about the blog post.

yes or no?

What Is the Meta Title and Description

If you do not know, then know that both are an important factor in ranking. Content, link building, sharing are all needed as much as the title and descriptions are needed accordingly.

And you can’t ignore it.

These two are the HTML code in our website which is shown in our header section.

If you want to see the title and description of your blog, then after opening your own website, you can see it by entering Ctrl + U.

And it is not that you can see of your own website, but also you can check for any website.

Now let’s talk about the title tag.

Nowadays it is not so easy to write a good attractive title. It should be that as soon as someone read your title, no other post can be seen.

For better understanding, you can look at the image below.

When someone is reading your title, then it should be understood that your post content will be able to help it or not.

The title of any website remains in the form of something like this which is written below.

<title>Example Title</title>

What is the Description Tag

As I mentioned earlier, both the title and description are always together. That means the importance of description is the same as much as of title for a website.

The difference between the two is that even after entering the post, the title is visible but the description not.

The meta description is the short paragraph of text placed in the HTML of a webpage that describes it’s content. The meta description will then appear under your page’s URL in the search results. This is also known as a snippet.

I would like to share one little tip here. If you want Google to use your meta description then frame your description in such a way that it includes your primary keyword in the very beginning or as early as possible. This tactic works most of the time.

Description means a brief of 160 character word which will tell about your blog. It is a summary of your blog content.

Optimizing the SEO meta description is more crucial because when you search for a phrase, first your meta title and description visible to people who search for the term. 

<meta name=”description” content=”description goes here”/>

The main purpose of creating an SEO meta description to get more clicks on the link which increases your CTR and more CTR increases your page rank.

But according to the google search engine, it does not consider meta description as a ranking factor.

But it can affect your CTR and bounce rate. That is why users have to optimize meta descriptions and your meta title.

While the title tag says about the blog content, the description describes a little more about your post. This increases the chances of getting a click on the title link on the SERP page.

Maybe you don’t know but in every one second millions of blog posts are releasing and people are always looking for a new blog post.

Here is a handpicked article that you should know as a blogger

But when people search for a keyword and if they do not get your blog title related to their search term they are looking for then, what are you doing is nothing but spamming.

Yes, 4 5 years ago it was also possible but not now.

Because Google is changing its algorithm regularly and rapidly in such a way that if your title, description, and content are not matching then your website will never rank.

What is the character length of title

If you want to fit into the 512-pixel display then your length should be 50 to 55 characters. But the actual length as per google is 60. Don’t write more than that otherwise google will cut that after actual character.

Include a call to action to get more CTR value

First, check for the title and description like if you are writing a title like “best gift and ideas for women and girl”. Instead of this, you can write better like this “Shop the Best Gifts & Gift Ideas for Women”

This call to action gives you more click-through rates (CTR) and sales. The title appears on the SERP page as blue color, So your title should be eye-catchy.

Try to explore important words as early as possible in the title.

If you want to earn more from Google Adsense then I will tell you something pro strategy you might have known before

Use the PPC keyword which has more bid value. Because all the keywords have a price in PPC 

Take the keywords which have some value like search volume, search keyword bid will help you to get quality traffic.

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If you have a number of goals then try to split it into the number of web pages so that people can easily find out that call to action related to the product or services.

Tips to Write a Good Metadata

Include the primary keyword (Meta Title)

Do proper keyword research and to do so you can use free tools like…

keyword planner,
uber suggest.

You can also use Semrush to explore your best keywords for your blog, to know for which it already ranking for. 

You have to do some competitor research to know what keyword phrases they are using.

Remember you can’t skip this step. Think like a searcher and their intentions. This will help you get the best title idea.

Title should be unique and relevant to your blog content

As I said earlier, you will lose rankings on the SERP page if your content and title are not relevant. Content should be defined as you mentioned in your title.

Unique title for every blog post

Don’t do this mistake.

If you have a number of blog posts than write a unique and nice title for every single post. Otherwise, Google will punish for that.

Unique relevant  description for every webpage

If your meta description for every page will be the same then all the pages will appear the as same which is not right.

May be google confuse to figure out which one is unique and which is not and you may lose your ranking. So in this case, you have to set the unique description for your all pages.

If you don’t want to write anything then, google will automatically or randomly take some portion of content which is likely good and will set as your description and it can be visible in the SERP page.

But as per my suggestion, it is better to add the meta description.

Because if Google picks content randomly, then it might not be right for content description.

Include the primary keyword ( Meta Description)

Earlier I told you in the title tag section and the same is applicable to description also. I want to repeat something here. You have to add the primary keyword as early as possible in your description box. 

If your primary keyword will be present in title and description then it will multiply your chances to get a possible good rank.

Product specification in the case if you are running any product or service business.

If you are running an online business for your product and services then don’t forget to mention the specification. This will impact on your sales.

product specification

Avoid keyword stuffing

If you are thinking of using all the keywords like primary, secondary, etc in the description will help you to give you more click-through rate than don’t do this mistake. Your blog may be punished/penalized by Google.

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Character length should be 155 to 160

According to the description length decided by google, you have to write your description in such a way that it will pass the length factor as well, it should be nice, short and actionable.

Previously length was 300 but google again changed it to 160 characters. But you can add more character by adding advanced schema and snippets.

Should be written in the active voice

Don’t make your description dull. Having a dull title and description will not help you anymore…So your description should be in proper guidelines. Your blog title and description should be in the active voice.

WordPress Plugins to set Meta Title and Description

Most of the WordPress users use these three plugins to set their title and description.

But I used Rankmath and Yoast SEO plugins, so I recommend both of them. You can use either of these two. If I talk about the plugin that I am using then it rankmath SEO.

So, what you are seeing below is the input form of the Yoast SEO Plugins where you can set the title and description of the blog and optimize it.

yoast seo

And this is the title and description of the Rank Math SEO plugin.

Benefits of Good Title and Description

1. More Engagement

If you think that a website is ranking at the top, and the reason it is driving more traffic.

So this is not 100% correct. But the reason is that they found something relevant to the search term that they have searched for. 

yes or no?

In a search engine results page, people are not looking for what image, video you are added in your blog post. They first see your title and description only.

These two things title and description make you drive more traffic to your website. You can get more traffic to your website through social sites also by posting on your social page.

By above all means, how could you know that people like your blog post or not? So the only way is asking them to give their opinion about the blog post on your social community page or in the comment box.

You can analyze your engagement through post likes, comments, and share. Is not it?

2. More Traffic

If your title and description will be more attractive, you can drive more visitors/traffic to your website, and for that, your title and description should be an eye-catchy line.

3. SEO Ranking

SEO ranking of a blog depends on your blog content, image, video, title, description, bold italic, heading like all on-page, and off-page techniques that you are using to optimize your blog posts.

Write your content in such a way that without reading your complete article they will not jump to another article. 

I always used to tell you that content is the king. Without good content, a blog has no value. That is why many companies hire a content writer.

How to Write a Good Title and Description


  • write keywords that come to your mind.
  • take advantage of SEO tools
  • do competitor research

You can use google ads keyword research tool(keyword planner), which is free to use and provided by Google itself.

keyword planner

In online some other tools are also available which are most recommended by digital marketers and pro bloggers


These two tools are the best for SEO, and competitor analysis and I am using Semrush which I like most. As per my experience and research, I will recommend you to try this tool.

In online some blog title generator tools also available in the market. You can go through these websites also like 

The title should be emphatic and the description should be sweet and short. Don’t create an intriguing title to cheat people to get traffic.

If they will not get content according to your blog title then they will never come back again and you will lose your reader and SEO value as well.


SEO meta title and description are important as your blog content. It should be relevant to your content

I hope you liked the article. If you have any question I will help you clarify your doubt. If you really impressed by this article then please give a comment with your opinion or question you want to ask.

Looking forward to hearing your thought. Thank you.

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