SEMrush Vs Ahref: Which SEO Tool Is Better?

Searching for the best SEO software for your company is essential if you want to boost your company’s productivity.

Nowadays, two SEO tools are dominating the SEO landscape – SEMrush and Ahrefs.

If a client has a budget, then we generally suggest that he/she use both the tools daily.

However, what if you had the budget for only one all-purpose SEO tool?

Let’s face the fact:

these tools are not low-priced. An investment in both these tools would set you back approximately $200 a month. And, in such a case, we assume that you will sign up for the most basic plan.

So, what if you had the budget for just one broad-spectrum?

Which SEO tool should you choose between these two?

That is the question we will attempt to answer in this blog post.

So, if you are looking for the most comprehensive and honest SEMrush vs. Ahrefs review then you are in the right place.

These tools will help you in increasing your search traffic effortlessly.

Therefore, without further ado, let us talk about SEMrush vs Ahrefs review and figure out which one is the best fit for your SEO needs.

Let us get started.

What Is SEMrush?

SEMrush was launched in the year 2008. It is launched by a small group of SEO and IT specialists.

They combined their proficiency to launch this competitive research service for online marketing.

After a decade of experiments and advancement, SEMrush has slowly become the world’s leading digital marketing software suite, favored by marketing experts
all over the world.

This toolkit helps you from keyword research to link building and everything in between.

Therefore, it is truthfully a universal SEO tool that can help your website climb up Google search rankings and leave your competition in the dust.

What Is Ahrefs?

Ahref was launched in 2010. It is primarily launched as a backlink analysis tool.

However, over time, this platform has progressively evolved into a broad-spectrum SEO analysis tool that can assist you with site audit, keyword research, content marketing, and much more.

Now, you have a basic overview of both these tools.

So, let us dive deeper and do an in-depth comparison of both the tools.

We will compare these tools based on 6 parameters.

  • Features
  • Pricing
  • User Interface
  • Rank Tracking
  • Keyword Research Quality
  • Competitor Analysis

1) SEMrush Vs Ahrefs: Features

First, take any tool, what do we think of it, which can make our work easier.

Is it not right?

If we talk about the feature then there is more feature in Semrush than Ahref. Which is also a big advantage of Semrush.

By the way, there are so many features that it will be difficult to describe all. That is why I will tell about some features which are very important.

SEMrush Features

  • It provides you with competitor research to observe the best keywords, organic competitors, and position changes.
  • It has attractive charts, an SEO writing assistant, search engine position tracking, a keyword tool for getting millions of keyword ideas including support for long-tail keywords.
  • It also comes with a social media tracker and poster, backlink tools, a content analyzer, traffic analytics, and a site audit to check your SEO health.
  • With it, you can do advertising research with ad budgets and keywords and domain vs. domain comparison.

Ahref Features

  • This tool comes with an insightful dashboard and overall cleaner interface that helps you quickly check the health of your website and where you stand in the search engines.
  • It also gives you alerts for backlinks, mentions, and new keywords.
  • With it, you will get reports with charts, a content explorer with the best suggestions, a site explorer to see a profound look into backlinks and search traffic.
  • This tool has a keyword explorer that helps you in finding the keywords that will give you the best results.
  • With this tool, you can do domain comparisons and site audit for a comprehensive crawl of your website.

It is now very clear that Semrush has more features than Ahref.

But a lot of users saying that enormous features are also a downside of Semrush.

I am a professional blogger and after talking to other bloggers, I came to the point that they all recommend to Semrush and use it for themselves too.

There is nothing to be wary of it. Semrush is a tool that will provide your complete solution.

But one thing is right that all the features of the Ahref tool you can easily use it, means, it is made in a simple way.

So, here the winner is SEMrush because it has more features than Ahrefs.

2) SEMrush Vs Ahrefs: Pricing

Who doesn’t wants to know about its price before buying, of course, everyone wants to know?

Which tool will you do? It depends on your budget.

Yes, if seen, there is not much difference in the pricing of both.

There are some small business people who do not even think about these two tools. Why because, apart from these, many other tools which are available in less pricing.

They think whether this price will be right according to ROI(Return in Investment)

Yes, it is right that for the first time, you have the hesitate to invest in anything new, but if we want to be successful in internet marketing, then you have to take the help of these available tools which has been made keeping in mind the current scenario, marketing, and competition.

If you want to hit the lowest price, listen, both tools come with minimum starting charges of $ 99. But these two tools have different limits on price.

Yes, if you want to take in less price, then you can go for the annual price. If you take it for long term then you will get tools in less budget

Pricing is always an important and deciding factor when it comes to choosing an SEO tool.

So, let us do a quick comparison of their pricing plan.


1) Pro

  • It costs $99.95 per month for 10,000 results per report
  • 3,000 reports per day
  • social media results
  • rankings
  • traffic sources

2) Guru

  • $199 per month for all the prior plan features + 30,000 results per report
  • 5,500 reports per day
  • historical data
  • content marketing platform

3) Business

  • $399 per month for all the preceding plan features + 50,000 results per the report
  • 10,000 tests per day
  • API access
  • Google Data Studio integration
  • and white label reporting

4) Enterprise– You require contacting SEMrush for custom pricing and volumes.


1) Lite

  • It costs $99 per month for 1 user
  • 5 projects
  • 500 tracked keywords
  • 25 reports for keywords
  • one site audit
  • and 100,000 rows per report for the backlink index

2) Standard

  • $179 per month for 1 user
  • 10 projects
  • 1,500 tracked keywords
  • 100 reports for keywords
  • 10 site audits, and much more

3) Advanced

  • $399 per month for 3 users
  • 25 projects
  • 5,000 tracked keywords
  • 200 reports for keywords
  • 25site audits, and much more

4) Agency

  • This plan costs $999 per month for 5 users
  • It includes 100 projects
  • 10,000 tracked keywords
  • 100 site audits
  • 1000 reports for keywords, and much more

Both tools are available in four pricing plans. However, there is a slight difference between both.

If you look at the pricing of the Ahref tool, you will know that the pricing of its four plans has already been decided but Semrush’s Enterprise plan has not been fixed.

If you want to take this plan then you have to contact them.

Apart from this, if you want to download the report outside the limit in Ahref, then for that you will have extra pay.

In the same way, you have to pay for the extra features in Semrush.

Here the clear winner is Ahref.

3) SEMrush Vs Ahrefs: User Interface

Both the tools have been created in the same way that you can download the complete analytics report from both the tools.

In terms of interface, Ahref will look as simple and easy to use. But In Semrush, you will feel a bit complex.

Let’s see how the interface of both the tools looks.

This is the interface of Sarmush’s Dashboard board.


As you see above, this screenshot is Semrush’s dashboard.

The right side top has a search bar to enter the domain URL and the left side contains the list of tools available, which you can take help of.

In the search box, you can also insert a keyword, not just the domain URL. And the best thing is that Semrush has given divided its all features to 5 tool kit.

This is a great plus point.

Let’s know what are those 5 toolkit

  • SEO toolkit
  • Advertising Toolkit
  • Social Media Toolkit
  • Content Marketing Toolkit
  • Competitive Research Toolkit

And if you look closely, it will be known that Semrush has divided in the number of sections to its every toolkit.

If you look carefully at the screenshot given below, you will know.

Which makes it even better.

And what is the best impressive thing, you know, when you take your mouse cursor on any column above the text, you will get to know about it in detail.

Let’s understand a bit better now.

As you can see in the image below, some columns like No, Pages, Unique Pageviews, Unique Visitor have been given.

And I wanted to know what unique Pageview is and when I took my cursor over it, I knew what it is.

semrush's unique description feature

Really this is a very interesting thing we have in Semrush featured category.


In this tool, you will not get the cluttered interface like Semrush. Rather, the interface of Ahref is completely clear.

You will find all its tools in the top bar.

Any Beginner can use it easily.

As I said, that is Semush has the search bar, where you can enter your domain URL as well as keywords, but there are some limitations in the Ahref as you can enter only the domain URL.

In Ahref, you will not have any problem going from one tool to another.

There is no question of getting confused about this.

Whether you are in a site explorer or a content explorer or a keyword explorer, you can switch from one to another with just a single click.

Ahref also has a toolkit helper like Semrush, under which you can get information about any tool.

The SEMrush dashboard is quite cluttered. On the other hand, Ahrefs interface is

Its menus are arranged more logically and its dashboard has information that is arranged in a more relevant and coherent way.

Of course, when it comes to user-friendliness, SEMrush clearly wins.

Its site auditing features are simple-to-use and outputs are really easy-to-follow instruction sets that help you in improving your performance in search results.

Also, SEMrush’s link building and broken link building feature without exporting a lot of Excel spreadsheets is one more reason to make a SEMrush a winner.

In short, if you want to achieve insightful and easily-digestible data quickly then Ahref is the clear winner. But, for project-based work and outreach, SEMrush is definitely the better option.

4) SEMrush Vs Ahrefs: Rank Tracking

The rank tracking feature of the SEO tool is excellent for understanding your
position on search engines.

Most of the rank tracking tools in SEMrush is organized
under the project tab.

You can get every link here including On-Page SEO checker, a position tracking tool, and even some options for social media tracking.

All these will help you in analyzing what requires to be done to boost your rankings.

In SEMrush, reports are quite intuitive. When it comes to Ahrefs, rank tracker is user-friendly and easy-to-understand.

This is because it has one page for it without any extra features.

All you have to do is type in the domain name that you would like to test and some keywords. In this way, Ahrefs can work well in looking into how well your rankings are.

Results that you get through Ahrefs are easy-to-understand incorporating visibility, average position, traffic, and keyword difficulty.

So, here the clear winner is Ahrefs.

5) SEMrush Vs Ahrefs: Keyword Research Quality

In SEMrush, the core feature for keyword research is the Keyword Magic Tool. This
tool will help you to get a large list of suggested keywords.

SEMrush recommends far more keyword options than Ahrefs.

So, if you are interested in the number of keyword suggestions then SEMrush is best-fit for you.

But, the downside here is that SEMrush seems to leave more work for the user when it comes to the final keyword decision.

When it comes to Keyword research quality, Ahref wins due to its straightforwardness and ability to break down some complex tasks into something attractive to beginners and sophisticated users in a similar way.

6) SEMrush Vs Ahrefs: Competitor Study

Competitor investigation is one of the most significant parts of search engine
optimization. When it comes to SEMrush, there is no shortage of opportunities.

It works as a blank canvas for you to assist you with the testing of your competition
and spy on them the most efficient way possible.

With SEMrush, you can compare multiple websites with your own and even get content recommendations from your competitors and track the overall market.

Ahrefs takes a combination of tools to profoundly understand what your competitors are doing.

There is no better tool than Semrush to conduct competitor research. That’s why Semrush is the clear winner.

Wrapping Up

Here is a quick assessment table to help you out in taking the final decision.


Are you still on the fence when it comes to choosing one from SEMrush and Ahrefs? Then, check out some final suggestions from us.

It will help you to make your decision-making process a little easier.

You should consider SEMrush if you want to increase your SEO ranking and marketing features.

Apart from this, if you need social analysis tools, a huge list of keyword suggestions, and the best possible competitor analysis tools, then you should pick SEMrush.

On the other hand, you should consider Ahref if you love the clear and user-friendly
interface, you would like to save a little money, you want superior rank tracking, and you love the simplicity when it comes to keyword suggestions.

In short, which one is the best suitable for your need is based on your needs and

  • Do you still have any questions regarding both these tools?
  • Have you ever used any of these tools?
  • What are your views on this blog post?

Share your views with us in a comment section below.

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