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Semrush is an SEO magical tool that is used by all professional bloggers, affiliate marketers, and digital marketers to support their SEO, paid advertising, social media, content marketing, and competitor research.

I am so eager to tell you about this tool because I am using this for many research purposes and I am a big fan of this as a digital marketer and a blogger.

If you really want to be successful then take advantage of this SEO tool.

If you haven’t checked this before then check out this tool here. If you need to take advantage of all the advanced feature then sign up here (7 days free trial is available within this link)

Here in this tutorial, I will guide you step by step only you need to have patience

To use this first you need to enter one of your competitors’ websites to analysis

Before proceeding you have to remember one thing, not any tool will show you accurate value only it will show you the approximate value. 

According to my research, I want to share that this tool is able to handle 9 million keywords across the globe and millions of websites can track.

Here in this semrush tutorial, we are going to explore each and every matrices so that it will be easy for you to completely understand the semrush.

Whether a digital marketer or blogger, SEO is difficult to grasp. 

Let me quickly explain all the matrics

First of all this tool is designed for collecting and researching all data about your website and competitor’s website.

Here is the discount link and click here to start the advantage of this tool. Enter your domain URL in the box which is the first step after creating the account.

It shows the available organic keyword, its positions, backlinks, traffic etc..which you see in the screenshot. These keyword matrices will show you only those keywords which are ranking within up to 100

It will not show you those keywords which are ranking on the first page. By default, in SERP page has 7 results and 5 to 7% people only go to 2 page.

Tools which are combined with semrush 

This semrush magical tool is combined with so many tools like 

  • Domain analysis
  • Keyword analysis 
  • Gap analysis
  • Seo writing assistant
  • Lead generation tool
  • Listing management
  • CPC mapping

Domain analysis tool: you are able to analyze their organic search, keywords, display advertising, backlinks, and traffic.

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Keyword analysis: with this analysis you are able to track the number of keywords, related keywords, keyword difficulty, and keywords types like a phrase match, broad match, exact match, broad match modifier for display and search advertisement.

Traffic analysis: with this analysis, you can analyze your competitors’ website traffic, traffic sources, top pages, geo-distribution, subdomain, etc. and the best part of this tool is you can compare two domains for extra information.

Gap Analysis: you can track the keyword and backlink gap between domain to a domain which will help you to close the gap between you and your competitors’ keyword and backlink.

Using this analysis you can track which keyword is driving more traffic to your competitor but not for your website.you can take the keyword opportunities that you missed.

SEO writing assistant: using this tool you can fully optimize your content. In semrush terms, we call it well-crafted SEO friendly content.

You can check whether the content is eligible to rank and optimize for your target keyword.

Lead Generation Tool: with the help of this tool you can collect the business leads for your online business in exchange with a free 25 age audit. To do so you have to place this widget code on your website.

Listing Management: This tool helps you solve your NAP( Name, address and phone number) related issues.

With the help of this, you can easily edit or modify all the information, you provide for your business in all directories and you can check if the information is right or not in a business listing.

Have you ever used this type of tool


So you need to sign up now and take advantage of this magical SEO tool.

Lead generation tool by semrush

Generally, Professional bloggers digital marketers use this tool for generating leads, increasing their sales and it is very easy to use.

CPC mapping: According to the keyword you can map the keyword CPC in different locations and regions.

You can know in different locations and regions the lowest CPC average CPC and highest CPC value. Here is a screenshot for better understanding:

You have to set your goal and semrush will guide you on which tool you should go according to your business category.

You can add your competitor URL as a project and you can track all the progress for that website.

The toolkit we have in Semrush

  1. Seo toolkit
  2. Advertising toolkit
  3. Social media toolkit
  4. Content marketing toolkit
  5. Competitive research toolkit

Seo toolkit categories by

  • Competitor research
  • Keyword research
  • Link building
  • Rank tracking
  • On page and tech SEO

Advertising toolkit:

Categories by market analysis, keyword research, and tracking

Social media tool kit:

In Semrush this is one of the best advantages that you can manage and track all the social media profiles in one place.

You can schedule your post also here as well as you can track your competitors’ social posts.

Content marketing toolkit:

It helps you do proper topic research and content. Content is the main source of traffic, leads, and sales.so you can’t ignore it.

If you are an affiliate marketer or content marketer you will know the power of content.

Headlines and subtopic suggestions also you will get using this tool.

Competitive research toolkit:

It is categories by competitive intelligence add-on ( CI ADD-ON)

Seo, advertising, content and PR, social media.

Start your competitor research with Semrush

To become successful in internet marketing you have to spy on your competitor. If you can know the weakness and strength of the competitor. You can easily achieve your target and goal.

Even though you are good enough in your niche and topic, I want to tell you one thing that your rank can be outranked if you will not study your competitor website.

Now I am going to dive into the step you must look over and study your competitor. Enter your competitor website into the box in the semrush tool.

Instantly you will get all the reports for that website and on the left bar dropdown menu, you have to choose which toolkit you need for your competitor analysis.

In domain overview. 

All the matrix of a domain like 

  • Organic search traffic
  • Paid search traffic
  • Backlinks
  • Display advertisement
  • Traffic trend
  • Top organic keyword 
  • Organic position distribution
  • Main organic competitor
  • Competitive positioning map
  • Top paid keyword
  • Top anchor
  • Referring domains etc..

It is the time to do competitor research

In the first step, you need to enter your competitors URL. After your click on the search you will be on the organic research section.

But before proceeding there you have to know something about their domain and the domain overview section helps you more than the overhaul information.

You need to go for the domain authority where you can get the total overview or your competitor.

As you can see on the above image what you can see in the overview section, it gives you the overhaul information like their authority score, number of backlinks, organic traffic, paid traffic display advertising. 

And now you can jump to your organic research section to continue your competitor analysis.

Here the matrics shows the total number of keywords, total traffic, traffic cost, top organic keywords, featured snippet keywords, all you can track here.

Organic Research

In the above image it is showing the total number of keywords that your competitor site is ranking for.

But one thing you have to hear here is that all those keywords are not ranking on the first page. May be keywords are ranking in 2nd, 3rd or on 4th page for so many of keywords 

It is just showing the keywords on which the site is ranking for within 1 to 100 rank as per the google serp page. It is meant in one page 1 to 100 results of a webpage only possible.

This rank will not help you. You need to find the keywords which are ranking in the first page.

Click on the postionts tab to check for the keywords, default semrush shoss the most valuable keywords that drive more traffic to that site.

You can sort the search volume to get those keywords which will help you to get rank first then your competitor.

If you are confusing with lot of section in this tab 

You can deselect the section you don’t want to see

Options available in the manage column section

Keywords: keywords are the queries or phrases people use to find a blog post to dive into their answer to solve their issue in any topic like technology, travel, review of any product, people, organization, etc.

SERP features: This is called the rich snippet section in the google SERP page. This section is not coming under organic results.

These are the featured sections by google to provide the best answer with additional information.  

Using schema markup  you can also get featured for your blog post. Featured posts helps to get more CTR (click through rate)

Position: Position or ranking of a blog post in Google is nothing but a ranking number where your blog post for a particular keyword.

Difference: it shows the difference of ranking from past and present ranking for the given keyword

Traffic: % of traffic driven to the website on a particular keyword.

Volume: search volume of given keyword that driving traffic to the website.

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Kd%: it is an estimated percentage of value to know how difficult it is to rank if you will use this keyword. The higher the percentage, the more difficult it is to rank for it.

CPC: The average cost per click of a keyword is provided by the publisher using the google ads. 

Url: URL is nothing but your blog/website. Your landing page link can also be one of your URLs. But here the URL means the webpage is ranking for a given keyword.

If you are looking for a guide that can help you to start your blog and can help you to step by step set up your blog then here is a blog post guide to starting your blog from scratch.

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Costs: Here cost means the estimated price for traffic to your URL or webpage.

Competitive Density: This is the competition on paid advertisement and value starts with 0 and 1 is the highest competitive density.

Results: Results are the total number of webpages available on the SERP page for a particular keyword.

SERP: A screenshot of the SERP page for a given keyword.

Last update: Webpages updated for keywords that are ranking in the SERP page.

As a blogger and digital marketer I am a big fan of this magical tool. 

What about you?…

One of the best keyword research tool easily you get targeted keyword insisted of looking for keywords in any keyword finder tools like uber suggest, google keyword planner, 

You can filter for keywords, keyword types, cpc, word count for deep analysis on competitors.

Suppose you want blog posts which have less than 1500 words in a blog post and in a good position on a keywords

Not only one , you can add a number of conditions in an advanced filter in your way. Now what are you thinking 

Is it not a superb tool? 

After you get the keywords you have to check whether your website is ranking for those keywords or not if not then you have to optimize your content using those keywords.

And you have to start SEO focusing on those keywords.

After you optimize your content and all SEO you need to go for the traffic of the website

As you can see, in this traffic section, you can analyse the estimated traffic this website is getting as a daily basis.

Whatever the traffic result it is showing is not the actual value of the website, it is just the estimated result of traffic and this will help you to paradigm for your competitors’ SEO.

Traffic Cost

Now the matrix is the traffic cost which everyone loves to see.

This is the cost of what you can expect as per your traffic. If you are running ppc/cpc then that cost is also included here in traffic cost.

Traffic analytics is specially designed to do the analysis of traffic of your competitor and one of the main reasons why people are using this semrush magical tool mostly.

With the help of this feature you can access how your competitor website interacts with their clients and customers. Total visit the recent months, average page views, bounce rate, session duration and many more….

At a stage, when a blogger or website owner finds his competitor then he looks for the traffic so that he can estimate the revenue and business of a website of a company.

Knowing the traffic sources of your competitor can help you to derive the understanding of sources to know which is driving more traffic and which is least.

With the help of this you shape your search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing etc..

Suppose hubspot.com has some subdomains and they are also getting traffic but how could you know, how much traffic they are getting and how much traffic are coming to their primary URL page.

So here is the solution

This matrix helps you to know the traffic their subdomain URLs are getting and you can see from which devices they are getting traffic.

Below is a screen that describes the percentage of traffic from desktop and mobile to all the available subdomains.

From the above screenshot we can understand the traffic website is getting to their primary is less than their other subdomain web pages.

Now you understand the traffic and now you have to know the main sources of traffic to your website like the reference sites, search engines and social networks sites 

Using this traffic analysis you can benchmark your website against your competitor website

You can upto 3 of your competitors to compare your website with them.

Traffic sources of your website as compared to your competitor (here as an example i am taking hubspot.com as my company and neilpatel.com as my competitor website)

Here is the report of traffic by country

Here you can see the overlap audience for Hubspot and ebay.com

Audience details for both the competitor website.

Not only traffic details but also you are able to know the number of employees, company falls under which categories, total fund etc..

is it not so cool?

We learned how to track our competitor’s organic keyword and how to benchmark your competitor keywords. Now it is time to go to the advertising category

PPC or CPC Advertising Analysis

This advertising research tool provides a very large quantity of data 

If you running any business like e-commerce, advertising agency, or any business, you can run google ads to promote and generate leads for your business.

And this Semrush tool will help you to promote your business where you can generate more leads and sales.

Below is the screenshot of the advertisement analysis of your competitor. 

All the paid keywords and their CPC, position of ranking, traffic through those keywords all you can with the help of this tool.

In advertising, keywords CPC bids play an important role. Choosing a profitable keyword nice volume can grow your business.

These keywords will help you increase your quality score so that you can get more number of clicks in your ads. Quality score is scored between 1 to 10 by google by the quality of your keyword, ads, and landing page.

In simple terms you can make a copy of your competitor advertising strategy to generate more leads and sales.

After you get your competitor keywords you have to know which web pages are getting traffic through these paid keywords.

Keyword Gap Analysis

It is time to track the keyword gap 

Keyword gap: This is one type of analysis where you can know what are those keywords are driving traffic to your competitor but not your website/blog.

It means it will help you to find the most valuable keywords, which you can use for your blog.

With replicating those keyword implementing strategies of your competitor you can easily grow traffic to your website.

The above image tells the similar keywords both websites are using.

Not only the keywords which are ranking for both the website but also what the keywords your website is missing, weak, and strong keywords also you access.

No what are you thinking, try a Semrush tool to access all the features, and enhance your business…

Above seen all the keywords in the image are used by both the website and where these websites rank for these keywords.

Here I want to share pro tips that could help you more

Pro tips: as I earlier discussed, by default it shows the keywords ranking up to 100, but this will not help you, but if you filter it to know the keywords ranking below 10 then it may help you. 

To do so, you need to filter it using the advanced filter option.

For better understanding here is an example:

Suppose there are a lot of keywords that are there but your want to find those keywords which are ranking on the top 10 positions then you have to filter your and competitor’s keyword to show only those keywords which are ranking up to 10 or you can say in the first position.

Keyword Magical tool

Sometimes we choose the keyword which is very difficult to rank for us. Nowadays, ranking some keywords is very difficult.

Imagine how easy it would be for us to rank our posts with a keyword if we were able to know the difficulty of a keyword.

The higher the percentage of the keyword Difficulty, the more difficult it is to rank.

With the help of this tool you can fund any keyword types such as broad match, broad match, and phrase match keywords. Not only this, but you can also know many more things like

  • Difficulty of Keywords
  • Trend, Volume
  • CPC Value
  • SERP feature

And the important thing is that you can also find the question related keywords

Using the advanced filter you can filter your keywords you are looking for and gather all the information.

Example: if you are looking for the work from home related keywords then go to advanced filter option and then search for the broad match type and enter your keywords and other filtering options available in the option. then you will get all the related keywords you filtered. 

Long-tail keywords are the most searchable keywords these days and using this tool easily you can find those keywords.

SERP features options available in the keyword magical tool are below..

SERP features are the snippet codes we use to increase the visibility, sales, and authority score in google search result page (SERP PAGE). Everyone wants to take this advantage.

Featured Snippet: This snippet helps you to see your blog post at the top of the SERP page.

You can add this snippet by giving more information about your post to google by adding some snippet code. You can say this is the additional information for the user.

This is designed to give the best answer relevant to the search query in google.

You can find your snippet keyword going through people also asking or frequently asking questions by people.

Instant Answer: Instant answer or you can say the rich answer, instantly google pulls all the content from the web page to give you the exact answer for your query and shows you the answer at the top of the SERP page.

Knowledge Panel: This is a knowledge box by Google to provide the best information collecting from third party websites.

This knowledge or information appears in the search engine which is available in the Google knowledge base when you search for entities like

  • people
  • brand
  • place
  • organization etc. 

Carousel: You might have observed when you are searching for some keywords like hospitality and restaurant then some results of hospitals and restaurants showing as a carousel up to 20, which is called the google carousel result.

Local Pack: This is a box on the SERP page to provide the relevant businesses to your search queries. especially it is designed for the local business market.

These relevant business results depend on your business review provided by the user or your clients towards your business. More review helps you appear on the first.

Top Stories: This snippet applies to only the google news approved websites. These results appear in the carousel view box which is specially designed for top stories.

Images: images snippets display with a rich snippet box and sometimes it displays in the right side of the rich snippet and sometimes at the top of the box.

Site Links: sites links ate the links to the subpages of the website to the other websites. It helps the users to navigate them to other pages of the website.

It helps the advertises to get more click-through rates to the website. In google ads, we call it ad extension. These links are nothing but your hyperlinks.

Reviews: it is a rating score provided by the user and the clients on a product or service which helps people to find the best product or service to use.

For HTML websites there are some codes you can use to give your rating and in the WordPress case you can use some plugins to use them.

Tweet: When your search queries get relevant information from twitter then only this twitter snippet box displays in the SERP result page.

This is not the organic result but this helps to scale up your brand. Among all the social media twitter is the one that gives more information (twitter is nothing but a micro social media blog).

Video: video rich snippets usually display with a tiny video to let the user or searcher know that as per your search query there is a video also available.

You know that for searching images and video there are separate sections there in google but in google you no need go for other sections.

If any relevant video will be available for the particular query then google shows that. It is a way to stick out in a SERP page.

Featured Video: There are some youtube videos also visible in the SERP page in a video rich snippet section like other videos from third party websites.

Keyword Difficulty or Keywords Competition

I already talked about keyword difficulty earlier. You can add 100 keywords and check at a time of their difficulty.

This tool shows you how challenging this will be to add it to your keywords planning for your post.

In simple means, keyword difficulty evaluates the chances of getting a rank for a keyword you are going to use in your blog.

Think how easy it would be to select the keywords if you know how hard a keyword would be to rank on a SERP page.

Thousands of professionals rely on Semrush keyword difficulty matric when doing the keyword research

After domain analysis, keyword analysis is the time to do backlink analysis.

Backlink Analysis

Backlink is an essential factor for ranking. With the help of backlinks you can improve…

Here is a blog post to read

What are Backlinks and Why you should do them for SEO

You can  not ignore this crucial factor. Take the advantage of this metrics to find the best backlink sites link to your  competitor. 

Using this matrices you can access..

  • Referring domains
  • Referring ips
  • Categories of Referring Domains
  • Anchor texts
  • Referring extensions
  • Backlink types

Here is a massive list of sites that links to your competitor website.

All link types( Follow, do-follow, sponsor,ugc,) you can find.

Some links lost that no longer refer to the site. Some links automatically created and some by the webmaster.

When the search engine failed to catch some links then those links fall under the lost links

Finding the lost link may help you to know the reason why the link lost and you can refresh the link by updating it.

There is an option in this matric in Semrush to choose the new and lost backlink

To find out the bad links of your website it is necessary to do backlink analysis

If you want to outrank your competition then this analysis helps you know how difficult it is.

You can find the potential backlinks that you use for your link building strategy.

Filter the backlink type you want to analyze (image, image, form, and frame)

Sometimes bad/harmful links damage your SEO ranking, so in this case you can disavow them to remove those links from your backlink list and tell google not to follow the link at the time the search engine bot fetches your website content and links to your site.

You can ask Google not to take them into account when assessing your site by disavowing your bad and harmful backlinks.

For deep analyzing, use the advanced filters option.

I filtered to see the new link with empty anchor text.

Best SEO practices utter that the link text should be relevant to the linked webpage. Rather than using the common text. Anchor text always should follow the web standard.

For best practice you can use the keyword as your anchor text. And as a result, it gives a boost to your ranking.

In some cases anchor texts contain links with underline and text color. You can change the color of text and remove underline adding and removing some HTML and CSS codes.

To enhance your graphics and web designing skills you should be aware of some basic HTML and CSS codes. Here is mentioned some websites to learn the basic codes

The next….

Sorting the backlinks shows the anchor text which has a massive amount of backlink and number of backlink domains use this anchor text as well.

As per study, the top-level domain types are .com, .gov, .edu, .org. Less backlink with these top-level domain types gives more impact on SEO ranking than having a huge number of backlinks from other domain extension types.

And using this backlink analysis of Semrush magical tools you can pick up the domain that may be useful for you to build your link.

If you are targeting different countries then domain types are the best choice.

To optimize your content for different countries, you need to focus and target their local domain type such as .uk, us, .in, .pk, etc.

Targeting different zones for generating backlink also has the same impact as targeting a country

Catch out backlink from different countries with having authority between 40 to 50 by using the advanced filter option.

Here is how I filtered to find out the backlink to replicate my competitors’ backlink. 

Perhaps this tutorial will guide you a lot. I will keep adding more images and do some changes to make this tutorial post even better.

And if you have some questions regarding Semrush then you can ask in your comment.

If you liked this post, please share it on your social sites and on your community site. so that it can help other people as well.

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