Google Penalty Checker Tools to Fix Site

You may be noticing that there is a sudden traffic drop on your website. It might be due to Google’s penalty, and if you are wondering how you will check if Google has penalized your site, then this is the right place.

Suffering a Google penalty is a nightmare of any SEO manager and is on the worst thing that can happen to your site, and there can be many reasons for that. There is a new one with every Google updates, but you are probably safe if you do everything in a 100% white hand way.

However, we all know that prevention is better than cure, so you need some third-party apps to help you make sure that you don’t get penalized by Google. Here we will present before you some penalty checker tools and best Google sandbox to help your SEO in the coming years.

Moreover, you will get knowledge of Google penalties, which will help you solve the problems better and help you understand those.

So what exactly is a Google penalty?

The Google penalty is a sudden traffic drop suffered by your website after Google updates its search algorithm or a manual site review. The penalty by Google varies from time to time as it can make your site get completely blocked by Google in the worst case.

As most of the people all around the World use only Google to browse the web, so having being penalized by Google means almost getting deleted from the internet. But on the safe side, people can reach your site by using IP addresses or typing the URL.

You need to act fast if you see a traffic drop or lost ranking from your most visited page to recover your search and traffic ranking.

One of the most primary reasons people suffer from Google’s penalties is using shady techniques while doing SEO, and in the long run, only purebred white hat SEO will guarantee success as it mostly revolves around optimizing your site to the fullest and building content quality.

Manual and algorithm changes penalty

There are two major groups of Google penalties one is among those which are manually issued by a Google employee, and another one is triggered by a Google algorithm update.

The first one that is the algorithm change penalty is trickier as you need to dig deep into your website to find out what’s wrong with it.

Whereas the easier one is the manual penalties as they can be easily fixed and most of the time you will get a list of issues giving reasons why your site got hit.

Algorithm updates of Google

There are few public updates that Google announced, but most of the time, there are phantom updates without any warning and suddenly going live.


Google update panda was all about the content and happened in 2011 as it hits a site that copy-paste content from other sites that are getting plagiarized.

You have poor quality content without bringing any value to the visitors, but the only purpose was to show in the results.

So after this Panda update by Google, you needed to put quality contents on your blog and for the sake of ranking not just write them poorly. So after this update, no users were spamming, no ad spamming and no more content farms.


The Blatant black hat SEO techniques boosted sites get direct hit by a Penguin algorithm update, and after this update, there was no spamming backlinks viable option.

Only if it makes sense, then link building is still a valuable SEO technique. All those shady PVNs where surplus by penguin and it also hits keyword stuffing hard, so there was no more transparent text with repetitive keywords or no more hidden keywords in it.


In coming years and even now mobile browsing was a thing in 2019 for which Google released an update named Mobilegeddon which would always prefer a website which performed well in slow networks and in small screens, so it does not affect the desktop user but only the mobile users.

But you must be focusing on optimizing a site as mobile internet browsing has already taken over desktop and now it’s a new trend unless you want to miss out to your competition.

Manual penalties

The penalties happening outside the algorithm changes are the results of manual actions as your website can get manually penalized by a different number of reasons but mostly because of a security risk or Black hat.

But the best part of it is that a notification will be shown to you by Google search console if you get a manual penalty and they will also tell you how will you get your traffic back up or reverse the damage.

For this reason, the manual penalties are easy to remove and are much simpler, so using some Google penalty checker tools, you can easily check the penalties.

Measures that should be taken if you get penalized

Using some Google penalty checker tools, one should immediately start fixing the issues if they find their website penalized. The main reason can be on-site base penalties or content penalties or backline penalties.

Updating the contents, optimizing your site, and removing any spammy links will help you remove the penalty. The best part is that a penalty should go away automatically if you fix the issue even if it was said by the algorithm.

Once you clean your site as for the manual penalties, you can opt and go-ahead for a reconsideration request from the Google search console, but you need to make sure that your documents are all removed from the link, all contents are upgraded, and you have changed all the SEO materials and then only send the list to the Google team as this will help to make the restored process much faster.

Five best Google penalty checker tool for identifying the Google penalty

Google search console

One of the essential tools for checking penalties is Google search console which can be used every day at least if your business depends on your website.

It will help you to provide how your website functions and so much more information like a number of visitors, it has a way of fixing them and all the trends.

You can also see the mobile performance of your website, the security issues and the linking data. If your site suffers from any manual penalty, then Google search console will definitely show you by displaying a notification, but you won’t be able to see the results of algorithm penalties.

The best part is Google search console is completely free and offers so many useful tools in one place; thus, it is a much-used app.

Moz algorithm change history

With tons of useful information, Moz is one of the most popular websites dedicated to SEO as it used as a plethora of different tools, which will help you increase website traffic. One such tool is algorithm change history.

All the Google updates, early state including unconfirmed and confirmed, one’s detailed information and giving you the dates.

You can immediately visit algorithm change history if your site takes a traffic hit and moreover you can even see the updates coming out when the traffic drop happens.

Fruition Google penalty checker

This freemium tool gives you fine details and inside by breaking down traffic information that will decipher if traffic drops are caused by penalties.

The team of fruition has its own proprietary algorithm, insiders, in house math, to determine what causes traffic drops or spikes.

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The tool helps to show you useful graphs and tell you how different types of updates can affect your site traffic over the past 3 months in just a glimpse of your eyes.

As the tool needs data from at least six months of 5000 plus monthly visits and Google analytics to work, so it aims for already established websites.

You can connect to the domain but can always unlock additional features if you go premium which can be needed by bigger agencies.

Semrush sensor

One of the most advanced SEO tools is Semrush which is currently available and is one of the most significant things for any agencies to work seriously.

It provides an abundance of information even if the software is quite expensive, but it is worth the investment.

A lot of information on Google penalties can be provided by Semrush through their free tool call sensor where you will find a lot of useful information regarding algorithm update.

If there are any particular needs, then the sensor will of course provide you so that it doesn’t get hit hard by the latest update.

Semrush also helps to show you SERP volatility over the last month and can browse losers and winners tab and help you improve your own website.

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Panguin penalty checker tool

This tool also uses Google Analytics, and it’s similar to Fruition trying to give you an idea if your site got hit by Google update.

The special feature of Panguin is that it can clearly see any issues and show the entire statistic visually as soon as you look at the colourful graph. It is a simple tool that is worth trying out and is completely free.

It can provide you with valuable information about your site getting suffered by potential heats and is a very useful Google penalty checker tool providing Google algorithm timeline.

Prevention is better than cure

After noticing the traffic drop, you must immediately take actions to prevent any further damage, but it is the much better thing to not get penalized in the first place.

You will not get back to the top of the search ranking automatically once you fix the issues that cause the penalty as your site will have to go through a painful low ranking process that would take months to revive.

Thus this will result in fewer customers as it will experience less traffic than it deserves. So do not waste the essential time as it is a better idea to start working with quality content and SEO and just to do it in the right way. There is a article which can help you drive traffic to your blog or website.

Yes, this may take months and may require money or cost you time first, but it will always save you from much more in the long run.


  • What are the reasons for which Google can penalize your website?

It may happen due to broken and toxic links, slow loading pages, anchor text, over-optimization, duplicate content issues, too many ads, pop-ups, suspicious code and malware on your website, keyword stuffing, backlinks, manipulating with hidden text and buying or doing excessive link exchange.

  • What are the steps that should be taken to fix your traffic drop?
  • Firstly you must investigate everything.
  • Secondly, you must check if the drop in traffic is due to some external factor or not
  •  Third, you must work and understand according to the Google penalty
  •  The fourth reconsideration must be filled.
  • How will you know that you have been hit with a Google penalty?

You need to check your overall search ranking website traffic conversions to know whether your site is hit with a Google penalty.

It might be due to the Google algorithm update if you have lost a significant amount of traffic within a short time, so you need to check the recent algorithm updates in Google, and you need to conduct an audit to see the technicals if you find related issues.

  • What are the best tools to recover your Google penalty?

Few best tools for finding fixing and auditing the Google penalty are Google search console, Semrush, Fruition, etc.

  • What are the updates in Google panda?

In 2011 Google Panda update was introduced to crack down on website with low content quality, bad website design, and excessive AD usage.

But the most important purpose of Google Panda was to diminish the website from Google search that produces low-quality content and reward the websites that produce high-quality content.

  • What are the two ways to diagnose the root cause of filter and Google penalties?

A good penalty checker will allow you to check the filter and the penalties and help you point out the root cause so that you can make the corrections.

  • The first and foremost thing is diagnosing backlink related issues. The backlink audit tool will help you to check all your email website owners to remove toxic backlinks, analyze the toxicity level, and check all your backlinks, and also will create a disavow file to send to Google.
  • The second thing is to recognize the content related problem as you may have a low-quality content page with duplicated content. So a good Google penalty checker will find their thin content and let you know about the issues so that you can rectify it and turn it into high-level content.
  • It will also help you find duplicate content if 85% of the content is identical to other sites and thus display it on your page. Not only will that it also help you to find the orphaned pages.
  • What is the significance of SERPS?

One must be keeping an eye on the surface as it is a vital thing to monitor and proactive, ongoing SERPS updates to stay on top of Google search algorithm change. Using different tools, you can monitor serve volatility across any industries.


Understanding Google fully is an impossible thing as if it only has a set of never changing public rules; people will just misuse it hard, resulting in relevant search result.

This will make the biggest search engine worthless due to all these irrelevant results as people still try to play Google showing many things on the first page that don’t deserve to be there, but with the help of frequent algorithm changes, these evil efforts are short-lived.

And as for the Google penalties, you should be safe if you do the things in a right way and even if you are not safe, you should be going through some good Google penalty checker tool, which will help you solve your penalty issues.

Google is not malicious as it does the good thing to protect the ordinary users who just want to get quality content fast and with these penalties it can build your website in good faith and never suffer any penalties.

You must make sure that you don’t get ripped by Google into showing your higher than you actually deserve but at the same time accidents may happen and the main reason is that maybe you have missed something and suffered any penalty.

It is usually straightforward to get rid of manual penalties but fixing the algorithm penalties is much more difficult, so it requires time and in-depth knowledge for SEO to have the best content.

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