Basic Fundamentals of Google Adwords/Ads-2021

Either you are a  digital marketer or not but if you are spending time browsing websites or some social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Then, you may know what ads are those. But in this article, you will learn the fundamentals of google adwords.

In Facebook you will find sponsored ads, on YouTube, you will see banner ads or video ads, and on some websites also you will find some banner and display ads.

What Are Google Ads

It is an advertisement system where we can bid for every keyword by which our website will appear on the first page, or top of the SERP page for drive traffic or drive sells, etc..

Here is a point.

If you are thinking that how Google is making money? So this is the reason for how Google makes money because we have to pay Google to show our ads, to run our ad campaign and final to place our website on the top of SERP through search ads.

Google ads is an online google partner advertising tool. It is a paid tool provided by Google. You can create multiple types of ads to reach to your targeted people, and you can easily promote your product and service using this. And this will let you know the interest of your people. You can drive good traffic to your website also.

Account Structure Google Adwords/Ads

Google Ads have three layers one is an ad campaign, ad group, and the third one is keywords/ad text/landing pages.

How Many Ads Per Ad Group

Create 3 or more ads per ad group
Every ad group should have at least 3 quality ads.

According to Google

How Many Ad Groups Per Campaign

20000 ad groups, you can create per campaign according to google.

No guys. This is one of the tools which is not available for free. You have to pay for this to run your ads campaign.

How Can You Use Google Ads?

You can use google ads for pay per clicks(PPC) ads(this is a part of the inbound marketing campaign).

You have to do proper keyword research for google ads, otherwise, it will not appear on the SERP page when someone searches for a term.

Proper phrase Type

Means which keyword type you are using. Use broad match modifier as keyword type for your ads. don’t worry, I have mentioned all the keyword types in this below.

Proper Bidding

Which will beat your competitor bidding, so for that proper biding and smart bidding is needed.

Appropriate choose of advertisement goal.

Types of google ads

  1. Search network
  2. Display network
  3. Shopping network
  4. Video network
  5. Universal app.

Basic Terms of Google Ads


If someone searches for a keyword and it appears in the search engine result page(shortly we called it as SERP page)whether it is on the top of the page or bottom of the page means that is your impression of your ads.

Google decided to show only 7 ads on the SERP page(for search networking ads just)


After your ads appear on the SERP page. If someone clicks on your ads then only your money will deduct from your budget. Otherwise, it will not.


Here you have to bid CPC bidding, how much you want to pay per click.


Assume that your ad is coming on the third position on the SERP page, then among the seven ads, your ad rank is 3.

With SEO you can drive people to your website organically means if for a particular keyword your website is appearing on the SERP page the first page then only people will click and come to your website.

But you have to be patient because it may take 3 or 6 months also.

But if you want to drive traffic and make your website on the top of your SERP immediately without SEO, then you can run your search network ad campaign (we call it text ads also)by which your website will be on the top of the SERP page.

If you are posting something on Facebook maybe your ad will reach to different people, because you can not know the intention of people on your ads /business.

But if you will run google ads, those people will come through google who are interested in your business or who are mainly searching for the term used.

yes or no?

Landing Page

A landing page is nothing but a website where people will land directly after clicking the ads you are running.

Keyword Match Types

  • Broad Match
  • Phrase Match Type.
  • Exact Match Type.
  • Broad Match Modifier

Negative Keyword

Here if you are putting a keyword as a negative keyword means when someone searches for that keyword, your ad should not appear. Means that is not a relevant keyword for your campaign.

Generally, people do not know whether it is organic or search network ad. Peoples are searching for a keyword, and which is coming on the top, they click on that.

Yes initially you can try for SEO, but it will take so much time to get the result and come on top.

Google can’t guarantee that it will take your post on 1st rank of SERP page. So if you want instant result then go for google Adwords (now it is google ads).


Whether you a blogger or digital marketer, you may hear google ads. Maybe you have run your google ads for your business or product. In the above article, you learned the fundamentals of Google AdWords.

If I have missed something in this blog, please let me know in the comment box and you can give your opinion to this blog also.

And feel proud to share with your other blogger and digital marketer.

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