3 Things You Should Know As a Blogger

I am on a journey to give immense value to my blog readers.

These days People are spending lots of time browsing Facebook, searching in google on different platforms in the internet world.

I love to write blogs. But I am not a full-time blogger.

This is the article for newbie bloggers who even don’t know what is a blog and why blogs are important these days.

Blogging means promoting (product and service) and sharing your knowledge or experience in the internet so that it can reach people of the world who are really looking for a solution or guidance. It means it is nothing but a marketing tool.

Before starting anything new, it is important to know about its history and about it, so that we can use it correctly and in a proper way.

So let’s know about the history of the blog.

History of the Blog

The term blog is coming from the weblog. This is created or coined by Peter Merholz. Here is the detailed information about its history.

In this post, we will learn about three things that newcomer bloggers and those who want to start a new blog (newbie) should know.

  • 4 Reasons Why You Need to Blog
  • Disadvantages of Blogging
  • Why Blog is So Important

Before starting anything, one should do a little research and know about it. Nowadays people are so hurrying about everything.

which is not good.

But if you want success and succeed in blogging then it requires patience and hard work. Before doing anything, it is our duty to know…

what it is?
how does it work?
its advantages and disadvantages?

And these above thing is also applicable in blogging.

yes or no?

So let’s started with…

4 Reasons Why You Need to Blog

1Drive Traffic to Your Website

What is your mission behind blogging?

When you ask this question, more bloggers who do not know blogging properly, they will reply to this, “I am doing blogging for online income“.

But do you think this would be the right answer?

As I earlier said that blog use as a marketing tool, it is also the best tactics to drive more traffic to your business website.

But It is easy to be frustrated and give up on blogging

Unless you are overwhelmed by the benefits of blogging, you will not get interested in blogging.

Why should you drive traffic on your blog?

More traffic = More opportunity of qualified leads
Qualified leads = Qualified Conversion

If your website audience becomes a customer then only your conversion happens, from which you make money.

Nowadays, all are using in Social Media. You will find all types of audiences in social networking sites. Which you can take advantage in today’s date

If you have no created yet then create your page and profile in all the social media platforms to reach and show them your product and service to make them your potential customer.

You should have your business pages on these platforms like facebooktwitterLinkedInPinterest.

If you don’t have then, create one and post the link with valuable and attractive title to your social site and definitely interested people will visit the website/blog post through the link.

You can give internal links to send your readers to another post on your website and this helps in passing link juice, which increases your Seo value.

2Increase Your SEO Ranking

Finally, everyone wants traffic to their website.

Contents without having readers have no value. Likewise, without keywords content or a blog post is a doll because it will not reach people who are specifically interested.

Google is the top search engine platform to get free traffic and valuable customers. You have to do proper SEO for your blog.

You have to optimize your post in such a way that if some one searches for something relevant in Google, then your article should be visible.

If you are using WordPress platform use Yoast SEO plugin or Rankmath SEO(both are awesome). These tools have attractive features to help you do internal linking, focus keyword, and snippet content (meta title and description)

Which are the very first steps of optimization after your content is ready and are very important for a blog post

How to submit your sitemap to google search console

In order to add a sitemap for your blog or website, you need to visit your search console account login through using your Gmail id.

Click on the sitemap in your dashboard and add your sitemap in the “add a new sitemap” field with an extension like “sitemap_index.xml” and then submit it.

enter your sitemap url in the google search console

After successfully submitted your sitemap URL you will see a success message like this.

success message after you successfully submitted your url

You can create an SEO friendly title and description and can create your sitemap to submit to search console so that google bot can fetch and index you all the pages and posts you have on your website.

Note: don’t index your post before you ready with your on-page optimization with all elements.

We have the best magical tool called Semrush that I am personally using and recommending.

To increase your ranking you have to do proper SEO and one thing will give you more SEO value when you will regularly update content.

A keyword is an outstanding way to help all the search engines to find your website.

I would like to share a pro tips here

Many bloggers start writing content without doing keyword research

But this is not the right way, so it is very important to do content research before writing content for your post.

You have to optimize your content with the help of on-page and off-page SEO techniques.

On-page SEO is one time added value but the off-page technique is an ongoing process. You can’t ignore and can’t stop doing backlink which is an important factor in SEO

3Become a Brand

Blogging is only the way to earn trust from your target market place community member.

more blogs = more people
more they know = more they trust

If you are a product or services based company or something then you can write blog something about your product or services. In this way, you are giving them additional knowledge to learn something about the thing you are providing.

This is how you can build your audience.

You have to show them how you well versed in the product.

There are many ways to build an audience. for example

  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Attending events in your niche
  • Organizing Webinars

With the help of all these, you can build your brand.

The more audiences you have, the stronger your brand will be.

4Better Customer Relationships

After building your audience, customer relationships matter.

You have to keep engaging them by giving more sources of information. Customers are like to be informed. They should appreciate that you giving them the best source of information.

You have to keep the relationship by replying to their comments to interact with them and this you can do by creating a social page and add your customers to your community page and group.

Now-a-days, many bloggers are creating Facebook groups and Telegram groups to increase their community and are increasing their online presence.

Facebook Ads are a simple way to show your presence and blog with targeted people. Which everyone is running nowadays

Disadvantages of Blogging

Now blogging is growing like a passion. But as a blogger, you have to know the disadvantages of blogging also.

Because if you want to succeed in this blogging, then it is also important to know all this.

Many peoples are there who are talking about only upsides of blogging. But, you know, that every product has some advantages and disadvantages, upside and downside and your duty is to find out that.

Nowadays peoples are doing blogging for money purposes only. But generally, it uses as a marketing tool as I already said this.

If you are running an online business, then you must have a blog. To compete with the business nowadays, you should have a business website and to promote your product or service you need a blog. Before proceeding you should know the facts about blogging.

facts about blogging
source: https://i.pinimg.com/

If you are an expert with somethings to share knowledge and to show your expertise to people of the world, you need a blog so that your can guide them.

If you have experience on any platform to pass this to people of the world, you need a blog.

But, you may know that everything has some pros and cons.

Let you are going to buy a new product that you never know before from the market and at that time some questions come to your mind like….

whether it is good or not,
it will work or not,
if it will work how long it will be,
like that comes to your mind.

Yes or no?

People are always thinking about advantages and profit and that is the reason they are facing some problem.

But, here I will tell you some downsides of blogging you should know if you are a blogger or wants to become one.

The blog is a way to drive more traffic to your website for free. You can call it is a medium for traffic.

No need to be panic.

Initially, if you want traffic, you can run social media ads like Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Pinterest ads, etc with less budget. I don’t recommend to promote the blog using google ads.

Here is a post that may help you find the tool to create your social media ads.

Disadvantages of Blogging You May Don’t Know

Writing a blog will be easy when you become a pro on blog writing. But, for newbie writers, if you are newly started your blogging career then you don’t know how much time you should give on writing content

When I have started my blogging I took one day to write an only 500-word blog post. Still, I am spending a lot of time for writing.

You should write a blog according to your niche and how much time you will spend on writing that much good content people will get.

Then only your reputation will increase, and your business will start grow.

Why it is time-consuming

  1. Proper keyword research that helps to rank your post.
  2. Search what your competitors are writing in their blog( use Semrush Magical Tool for competitor analysis and give a unique view to your content.)
  3. What you can write differently that people will like your blog instead of your competitor’s blog.

You can find your competitor in google search engine results page

find competitor using google search engine result page

There are so many tools are available to find your competitor are follows.

SEO Friendly Blog

If you are writing blogs on your website but not doing SEO then there is no value of writing a blog because it will not reach people and it will not visible in any search engine (google, yahoo, bing, Yandex etc..)

You have to do SEO(promote your blog in search engines) to get your content optimized and visible to people who are searching for a keyword or search term.

You have to follow all the search engine optimization strategies for your blog to rank in search engines. Before that, you have to do proper keyword research.

I am doing keyword research for my blog using these tools some of which are paid and some are also free.

But if you want, you can go with free available tools at the starting stage.

Patience For Blogging

See, you should have the patience for getting the result after writing content and doing all SEO for your blog because SEO is not a cup of tea.

And if you are thinking about rocket science, then let me tell you that it may take 4 to 6 months to get the results.

It is not that till then you keep quiet, you have to keep updating your blog posts regularly.

After spending all the time in blogging if you are thinking that within a day you will get success means you are considering it in a wrong way.

Focus On Blogging

If after writing some blog posts you leave as it instead of updating your content then you are focusing on blogging just for time pass, you are not taking your blogging career seriously.

One thing I want to clear here is that if you don’t have patience then blogging is not for you which i already discussed earlier in this post.

You should quit blogging in the case.

You would lose your visitors and value. Because without reading a blog is just like a doll. It may affect your ranking, community, and traffic.

You can create a social page for your website, and you have to post it in your social pages and community groups to get more interaction with your blog readers. You have to make an impression on people and other bloggers related to your niche.

If you have written a blog according to your niche, but no comments are there, then you should think why people are not commenting.

  • Are they liking your blog or not?
  • Are there any mistakes are there?

You have to focus on all these above steps.

Social sites are the best way to reach your targeted people to get traffic at a starting stage. Now in the market, many blogging and SEO tools are there which will help you easily focus on your blog and your competitors’ blog.

Here is one the best tool we bloggers use for competitor research that almost 80% webmasters using.

So before start writing, you should keep this in mind that without hard-work success will never come to you.

How much time you are spending on writing a blogpost that much consistent time you should give after the post.

This is one the top disadvantage of blogging among all I said in this blog. Most of the peoples are starting their blog with a mindset that they can also earn some money but they failed because of not consistency in blogging.

The Process Of Writing

Only writing a  blog with taking a bunch of words will not make your blog complete.

If you are an entrepreneur or if you are a writer then it will be easy for you to write a blog.

But if you are not a writer or entrepreneur, then success will not come to you as fast as an entrepreneur and writer.

So, you should follow some steps like

  • Blog para should not be more than 3 to 4 lines.
  • Every after 2 or 3 paras one heading line should be there to let people know what the paragraph related to.
  • The blog should contain all the detailed information about the topic. You need to do deep research for your content.
  • For easy understanding, bullet points should be there. likewise, so many things are there you have to follow..

Why Blog is So Important

Before knowing about the benefits of blogging, it was necessary to know about its disadvantages. Which you have just found out.

  • earn trust from your audience
  • earn money
  • become a brand
  • increase your sell

Blogging is a technique to earn trust from your blog visitors toward your business product or service, because through your blog only they are getting valuable information.

If you are mastery with something, then you can show your expertise through the blog and once people know about your knowledge and if you are solving their issues having in that topic, maybe they will visit your website regularly for updates, or maybe they will pay you money for solving their problem.

You can earn money through blogging by getting approval from Google Adsense and by Affiliate Marketing through promoting some product and service of others.

If you have good traffic and you promote affiliate products then through this, your blog reader can directly go to buy action the product and as a result, you will get some commission on that product.

If you are running an e-commerce website or providing any service online and you are writing reviews about those products or services, then there is a chance that people will usually visit your site to read the reviews and it will maximize your chances that people will buy your product.

Search Engines want new content every time. If you are updating your blog or writing means search engine increasing your website rank.

If you are a digital marketer or entrepreneur or you are an online browser or reader, then you may know what blog is all about?.

You will find a blog menu on many websites(all most in all types of websites) either it may be a small business website or a big business website of any e-commerce website. 

Blog generally use for marketing and promotion purposes.

Now blog is so important because of search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc like regularly updated contents. Because blog is only the way through which search engine gets an update about that website or business website you have.

Actually, people are looking for the solution, products, or services you are providing and review of a product or service given by people, and it is possible to find in the blog and video.

Now videos are also available to guide you through product or services, But the blog is the best because you can find your solution without disturbing anyone.

Blog contains content as well as images and videos, which helps you get good help.

Blog makes people trust you because in blogging you have to write updated content regularly and silently you can read where ever you have an internet connection, which makes your visitors visit again to your website because they are getting profit through your blog.

In blogging, you can clarify your readers’ doubts by adding them to your social page, or you can comment on them in a blog post to discuss with the readers.

Blog should frequently change to up to date your content. 

If you are the best homemaker or if you are more into history or science you can write many things about history and science by doing research which makes your reader know about history or science or homemaking techniques.

You are doing this means you are increasing knowledge and the best information that they really want to know and definitely who are interested in your topic again they will come to your website to check some new about their interest.


In this article, you have learned why the newbie blogger should know the importance of blogging and maybe now you are planning to start your blogging journey. Don’t worry, still, it is not so late. You can start your own blog today.

I hope you like my article, so please share and give a thought that encourages me to write this type of content for you.

looking forward to seeing your thought……

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