10 Best WordPress Hosting Free Trial in 2021(No Credit Card Required)

Whenever you are in the procedure of setting up your first business website, the first thing that probably comes to your mind is the hosting-service bill.


The reason behind it is simple – nowadays, there are various hosting service providers in the market place.

However, selecting the best hosting service provider from them is quite difficult. These days, there are a lot of premium and paid plans that each service provider offers.

So, if we tell you that you can set up your very own site at zero cost then most probably you will not believe it.

When we tell you such kind of thing, you will ask us “for how long these service providers provide their services for free of cost?” Well, the hosting services listed in this blog are not just a trial version.

So, for how long you can use these services for free is not a thing that you should worry about. The hosting services discussed in this blog are completely FREE so there is no time limit. Yes! You have heard that right.

You can take pleasure in these hosting services for as long as you want before you make your mind up to get advanced features for your site.

So, keeping our beginners and novice users or hobbyist blogger in mind, we have brought together the list of best free trial WordPress hosting. This list might just be the solution to start your very first website.

Let us check out one by one.

1) WordPress.com

Featuring first on the list of top 10 best free WordPress hosting services is WordPress.com. Why? This site takes care of your entire hosting requirement.

You do not need to buy any software or pay for hosting or even manage a web server. That is the reason, why this platform is an ideal pick to start if you are a newbie or a hobby writer.


100+ themes to choose from
Quick and friendly customer support
Mobile and Desktop apps are available
In-built social sharing with in-depth stats


Completely free up to 3 GB disk space
100+ customized themes available
No need to download an installer or software
Automatic backup and updates


Cannot build a membership website
They delete your site if you violate their Terms of Service.
Ads will be placed on your site and you will not get any advantage of it.

2) 000Webhost

Coming up next on the list is 000Webhost. It is one of the best and highest-ranked, free of charged WordPress hosting services.

You do not have to pay a single penny to host your site and the services you will get through this site are amazing.

This hosting service is the best for starters and a medium level of projects and you can set it within a minute. All you need to do is sign up with your credentials and you are good to go.


It offers a 99% uptime guarantee.
Supports PHP and MySQL without restrictions
Quick and hassle-free customer support
Large disk space and bandwidth
Instantaneous activation with 0 cost
Built-in Website builder


Huge disk space and bandwidth
Completely free and reliable
Comes with tutorials and guide to help with the processes


Least security
High-chance of spamming

3) AccuWeb Hosting

Up next on the list is Accu Web Hosting. With this web hosting service, you can enjoy premium class hosting that is totally free of ads, banners, and pop-up ads.

This hosting service is great for any website. This hosting service provides you with 10x faster WordPress optimized servers.


Ad-free platform
Custom domain names
High-level security
Backup facility
Friendly customer support
SEO optimized plugins
Google Apps integration


Tremendously fast loading speed
Lifetime free offer


A free website migration option is not available.
support for free hosting

4) x10hosting

The next on the list is x10hosting. According to its name, it provides you with 10x better services as compared to other services out there. It offers you a cloud hosting service that is full-featured and let you create the perfect site online with minimal restrictions.


Pure cloud SSD servers
Single-click installation for seamless access
User-friendly web hosting tools
Easy-to-use interface website builder
Total control over the PHP scripts


Easy file and media upload
Limited restrictions
Premium upgrades are available
Offer high-performance with optimized features


Low-level security
No live chat or phone support

5) Freehostia

Another good hosting service provider is Freehostia. It provides you with 2 types of free hosting. It offers a chocolate plan- in this, a basic hosting service is offered by them and in a free cloud hosting service plan – you will get the best features for your site.


High security
24*7 customer support
Site management tools included
It provides you statistics to evaluate progress


You can easily switch to premium plans.
Easy access
You can get a choice of shared or hosting platform


Limited disk space and bandwidth
Limited MySQL database access

6) AwardSpace

Featuring next on the list of the best free WordPress hosting for 2020 is AwardSpace. It has a user-friendly interface and control panel that makes it an award-worthy hosting service provider. And the cherry on the cake is it is ad-free.


Large disk space and bandwidth
24*7 customer support
99.9% uptime guarantee
Web-based file manager to seamlessly upload files
Free website builder with a one-click installer


1 domain with 3 sub-domain
Ad-free hosting platform
High performance


Limited MySQL database

7) WPNode

Coming up next on the list is WPNode. It comes with powerful security features and blazing fast speed. The best part about this hosting service is that it is completely free, comes with no ads, no contract, and no strict policies to follow.


Easy file upload
Full control over PHP database
Ad-free and spam-free hosting platform
Fast speed


You can host unlimited WordPress websites
It offers you best download and upload options through SFTP
Unlimited data transfer


It offers limited support for free hosting.
There is no choice on the hosting.

8) Byethost

Up next on the list is Byethost. It is a powerful free WordPress hosting service having own clustered hosting network. So, it provides the user with a reliable, robust, and load-balanced platform.

This web hosting service is combined with excellent features and sub-domains and offers great space provisions.


It offers high reliability and excellent user experience.
Ad-free hosting platform
It offers complete access to the control panel.
It comes with an FTP account and a File manager.
High-level security on all free hosting domains


Good quality network and high speed
It is clustered network with load balance.
It comes with awesome space provisions with a sub-domain.


It provides limited support for free hosting.

9) 100WebSpace

The next on the list is 100Webspace. If you want to start your business site without any hassle and risk then 100WebSpace is the best one to pick.

It comes with all the essential features + Web Apps installer. This installer will help you to launch a blog, photo gallery, and so on within a few minutes.


It comes with a Single click installer.
It has a multilingual control panel.
24*7 excellent customer support
99.9% uptime guarantee
It comes with great helpful video tutorials.


Anti-virus protection
Website statistic to keep the track


Trial not available
No free domain registration

10) CloudAccess

Last but not least is CloudAccess. It is an open-source network that comes with excellent features. This hosting is limited to sub-domains but once you grow your site, you can easily switch to their paid plans to get access to the advanced features.


Immediate installation and launch
Open-source hosting service
It comes with some awesome tools like Snapshot tools.
Training and tutorial available


Automatic daily backup for safety
Free sub-domain
Full access to MySQL
It comes with a website replicator for ease of access.


If you violate their rules then they can remove your site at any time.
This hosting service is limited to sub-domains.

Winding Up

In the future, subscribing to premium WordPress hosting services might be a better option.

But, when you are a newbie, with the above-discussed free WordPress hosting services, you can create and set up your site effortlessly and effectively.

The above-listed hosting services offer you excellent customer support and it holds value much more than you can think of.

If you feel we forgot to mention any free trial WordPress hosting services then you can list it out in a comment section below. We would love to hear from you.

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