11 Best Graphics and Banner Designing Tools for Social Media

Do you want to become a social media marketer?

Are you looking for tools that can create banners and graphics designs in minutes? If I’m right then you’re in the right place.

This is the era of social media. And whoever you catch will definitely have an account on any social media platform. Everyone promotes themselves and businesses through banner images, selfies, and videos.

Some people promote on their own business page or by creating a group. So, one thing you will find common in all this is content. Content can be in any form. In video, text, or image form.

Previously, when all these tools were not available, then everyone uses Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw to do their banner and graphic design.

Still, many people are using all these softwares. But the demerit of all this is that you cannot use all this in mobile. And you know, nowadays most of the people like to do their banner and image editing in mobile.

But the good thing is that today I will speak about such tools that you can use in your mobile whether it is Android or iPhone.

Which types of designs can you make using these tools?

Visiting card, labels, email header, logo, invitation card, postcard, presentation, magazine cover, resume, certificate, letterhead, poster, Instagram stories, flyers, social media banners, visual animated, html5  banner ads, animate your text and shapes etc..

List of the tools that are written in this post, some of them are free and some are also paid.

Tool Name


Website Link







Banner Now


Pic Monkey

$ 7.99













Here Are The Tools

1) Canva


Featuring first on the list of 11 best banner and graphics designing tools for social media is Canva. There are no limitations in this tool, you can create so many banners and designs.

You can create a team by adding 400 members(including yourself). If you want to take the benefits of team functionalities, then you have to upgrade your canva account.

try canva for 30 days
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is canva-1-1024x472.png

Whenever you go for a design, there will be a lot of suggested templates you can find in the left side which you can do it.

If you want your banner to be animated then you can go to the Music and Video section. Where you will get Prestored/available music and videos or else you can use your media files.

Most popular features of Canva

  • Photo filter
  • Integrate with Google Classroom
  • Access your content from Google Drive, Dropbox, Folders

pricing starts with $12.95 monthly ( you can pay $9.95/month when you go for annually )Use Canva

2) Bannersnack


Coming up next on the list is Bannersnack. This is compatible with IAB, Google Ads, Facebook ads.

why I love this tool?

This helps you create a banner set with different sizes.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-15.png

Most popular features of Bannersnack

  • drag and drop
  • animated html5 banner
  • all ad networks compatible format network
  • free stock photo collections
  • insights using banner snack analytics and demographic data.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is ok-1024x381.png

The free plan allows you to create up to 10 banners only but if you want to create more banner then go need to go for the premium.

Bannersnack has two types of plan one is for individuals and the other one for the team

Individual plans start with $7 per month when you go for annually (pay $12 when you go for monthly)

3) Crello


The next on the list is Crello. Here without signup, you can create your post, and when you will you go to download the image, then it will ask you to sign in.

Beauty of this tool is you can add motion to your design with animated objects and backgrounds.

Most popular features of Crello

  • crop image
  • add filters
  • blur image
  • transparent image
  • resize design
  • stickers
  • shapes
  • video to gif converter
  • image converter

Going through their tutorial page you can guide yourself to create a perfect ad for your social media campaign.

Crello comes with…

  • 30000+ templates,
  • 32000+ HD videos with animated objects,
  • 500000+ premium photos,
  • 140m+ royalty-free images from Depositphotos,
  • easy to use design and video editing.

pricing starts with $7.99 per month when you billed annually ( pay $9.99 when you go for monthly )

4) Banner Now

Banner Now

Another best free banner and graphics designing tool is BannerNow. This is a creative platform for display advertising. This is a tool where you can create, manage, translate, schedule your banner.

Here you can work remotely with your marketing team. Is not this hanging a amazing tool?

yes, it is.

In its self-hosted cloud, you can handle unlimited files that too at 0 costs.

Most popular features of Banner Now

  • easily localize your banner for different audiences and countries.
  • visualize real-time analytics reports
  • run A/B testing
  • schedule your banner
  • efficiently manage your display advertising projects and organize your banners.
  • stunning high-end display ads
  • banners in multiple sizes
  • banner translation
  • dynamic banner creation
  • easy banner management
  • banner ad scheduling
  • banner analytics
  • in-display video

Create your banner in multiple sizes with just one click.

This tool provides professional templates. You can easily collaborate with team members. It gives only 14 days as trial purpose then you have to pay for this.

This tool works with CPM(cost per mile). Minimum charges for this tool is $o.o2. You can request a demo for a better understanding of the tool.

pricing starts with: $39/user/month (billed annually)

5) Pic Monkey

Pic Monkey

Featuring next on the list is Picmonkey. This is one of the best and the favorite tool of the digital marketer. You can edit photos, making collages, graphic designs, and can give a touch up to any image.  

This tool is available in ios, android also it has a chrome extension for easy access too.

Most popular features of Picmonkey

  • Photo Editing (Dozens of effects and filters, Layer and mask images, Add and modify text)
  • Design (Business cards, ads, logos, Announcements, Invites, postcards, Add text, graphics, and watermarks)
  • Design assets (Over 3,000 graphics, Over 200 fonts, Over 100 textures)
  • Templates (Over 2,400 customizable templates, Over 70 pre-set blank canvases, Create multi-photo designs)
  • Touch up (Change eye and hair color, Whiten teeth, remove wrinkles, Over a dozen enhancement tools)
  • Cloud storage (Changes auto-saved as you work, Access from desktop and mobile, Organize images with folders)
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is FEATURES-1024x365.png

price starts at $ 7.99. billed monthly and annually available (save $25 with annually billed)

6) Befunky


Coming up next on the list is Befunkey It is available for the android mobile. With its premium version, you can do painting also.

Here no need to do sign in, without signing in you can create an image and download it too. You can visit their photo editing and designing tutorials where you can learn it step by step.

Most popular features of Befunkey

  • crop and resize photos
  • turn photos to art
  • batch edit photos
  • create transparent background
  • retouch portraits
  • one click collage maker
  • customizable design maker
  • over a million free stock images
  • thousands of vector graphics and icons

price starts with $6.99 billed monthly ( pay $4.99 when you go annually )

7) Snappa


The next on the list is Snappa. This is an online graphic design tool. With one click you can create multiple dimensions of the image. Which is suitable for blogs, ads, emails, infographics, etc.

You can schedule and share your graphics instantly to Facebook, Twitter, and many more. for more details click here

Most popular features of Snappa

  • fully-featured graphic editor
  • stunning library of visual assets
  • stunning library of visual assets
  • Magically resize your graphics
  • Upload your own photos and graphics
  • Save and organize your designs into folders
  • Import your own custom fonts
  • Connect to social media
  • Collaborate with your team

pricing starts with $15 monthly ( pay $10/month when you go for annually )

8) Fotor


Up next on the list is Fotor. This is a secure online graphic design tool. You can also call this tool an online remote workplace, in which you have been given cloud storage to save your running work So that you do not have to start the uncomplicated work again.

In the free version of fotor you will see ads on the editor, so if you want ad-free editor then go for the upgrade of your fotor. Fotor Pro can be used both in online and Windows.

Most popular features of Fotor

  • Photo Editing
  • Photo Collage
  • Graphic Design
  • Hdr
  • Beauty Retouching
  • Share photo publicly
  • save in cloud storage
  • instant share in social sites

pricing starts with $8.99 monthly ( pay $3.99/month when you go for annually )

9) Vectr


Featuring next on the list is Vectr. This is a tool that is available for use online and offline. You can download this tool for Windows, Linux, and Chromebox. This is available for free.

without losing the clarity of the image, you can scale it to any size. You can add a URL for every design. You can create logos, presentations, cards, browsers, website mockups, and  2d graphics.

Most popular features of Vectr

  • start work without signing in
  • high-quality resolution
  • live collaboration and synchronization anytime, anywhere, and with anyone
  • grid automatically

For guiding the designer they created a step to step process including the screenshots.

Vectr free graphic editor is free forever.

10) Figma


Coming up next on the list of 11 best banner and graphics designing tools for social media is Figma. This is the best tool to design everything. It is available on window mac and Linux.

You can create your own featured plugin and anyone can make as their duplicate plugin. Sympli Handoff, Vectary 3D, Master, Arrow Auto, Clean Document, To Path, etc..

Most popular features of Figma

You can install and use all the plugins for your graphics, UI, and UX design, etc that other users are already created for them.

  • UI design,
  • UX design,
  • prototyping,
  • graphic design,
  • wireframing,
  • brainstorming.

Free versions also available but there is a limitation that up to 2 editors and 3 projects only you can use this.

Price starts with $12/month when you go for annually ( pay $15 if you go for monthly )

11) Fotojet


Up next on the list is Fotojet. This application is available in online, windows and mac platforms.

Why to Choose FotoJet

  • Rich Templates & Resources
  • Powerful Tools
  • Easy to Use
  • No Registration Required

Most popular features of Fotojet

  • graphics design
  • photo editing
  • collage maker
  • radial tilt-shift,
  • rotate and flip
  • color splash vignetting

pricing starts with $6.99 with monthly ( pay $3.99/month when you go for annually )


I hope you liked the article. If you have any questions/queries I will help you clarify your doubt. If you really impressed by this article then please give a comment with your opinion or question you want to ask.

If you know any other social media banner or graphic designing tool then comment with the tool name so that I can add that tool in this blog which can help people to find the best tool for their use.

Looking forward to hearing your thought. Thank you...

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