What Is Affiliate Marketing And How Does It Work

There are many people in the world who wants to become a millionaire overnight. And yes anything is possible in this era.

You just have to follow the tips and strategies and grab that thing. Once you understand that thing completely, then you can become anything overnight.

Have you ever heard of such work in which you just have to sell the product and you will get some % of the commission of that product

If you have not heard, then there is nothing to worry about, because, in this post, I have written about the same strategy Determinedly.

The name of that magic strategy is affiliate marketing

So in this post, I will tell you what i you learned and implemented in the last 3 years.

Affiliate Marketing is in booming

I am sure that you have already heard about it but have not tried to learn more.

agree or disagree?

So before starting, I want to tell you that today bloggers are earning in millions through this and this is the genius way of making more money.

So here are some earning reports that will make you feel confident that you can really earn money through this.

The first report is from the BloggersPassion blog and the second one is from ShoutMeloud.

Here I want to tell you one thing: I inspired to start my own blog form Harsh Agarwal, who is the founder of shoutmeloud

earning report from bloggerspasion
earning report of bloggerspasion
earning report from shout me loud
earning report of shoutmeloud

So let’s talk about what affiliate marketing is

Affiliate Marketing

It means nothing but selling a product or service of a company online to your audience.

When someone will make a purchase clicking through your affiliate link or through your recommendation, then that company or organization gives you a percentage of commission on referral product

It may be any product like

  • saree,
  • clothes,
  • electronic appliances,
  • books,
  • mobiles,
  • home decorators,
  • web hosting,
  • domain
  • seo tools etc.

You can sell anything from a company and can get a commission. Commissions depend on the product or service you are choosing for affiliate marketing.

Each product has commissions according to it.

If you look at the image given below, then you will be able to understand well.

commision rates based on the products

So now you know what is affiliate marketing.

So what should we do to join any affiliate program.

First of all, we have to find out which company or organization is running the affiliate program. And after that, we have register by giving the required details to join their affiliate program.

siteground affiliate registration form

Do you know how much affiliate marketing jobs are available in India and the USA.

Affiliate Marketing Jobs In India and USA

As per the current scenario

Millions of jobs are still available in India and if you want, you can work part-time and full time.

affiliate marketing jobs

You can get $500 to $1000 as part-time and you can get $800 to $1500 as salary as full time. Because this is as simple as you think. Only you have to refer to the product or services to your audience.

But for this, you have to win the trust of your audience, only then you can refer or suggest something to them.

affiliate marketing jobs available in naukri

If you want to do affiliate marketing by creating your own website or blog So, what do you need?

Needs Of Affiliate Marketing

Merchandise Website

Here, first, you have to choose the platform, which we call as merchandise website, from where you want to be an affiliate. Who will give a link and through the link you will sell the product or service they are providing.

This will be very easy to start if you know your niche. Niche is nothing but a topic you choose to promote products and become an expert on that niche.

It should be such that if the public is asking anything on that topic or is looking for a solution, then you can help it.

A lot of bloggers fail in this step. And the reason they could never become a successful affiliate marketer.

Affiliate Id

Along with getting approval from the Merchandise website, you will get an affiliate tracking id.

By using this id, you can estimate your earnings. Not only that but also how many clicks happened, how many people purchased all you track.

affiliate id for tracking the link

Affiliate Website

There are some affiliate programs that you need to have your own website to join it.

And to create a website in where you can promote affiliate products, for that you will need domain and hosting.

To purchase a domain GoDaddy is the best website and for hosting I recommend a2hosting. If you want to know why a2 hosting is best then visit the link.

After you ready with your affiliate website you need to focus on the theme and here are the best themes for blogging and affiliate marketing.

Astra theme
GeneratePress theme
Genesis/Studiopress theme

So many free themes are also available. Initially, you can start with those available free WordPress themes or else you can start with blogger platform (provided by google called blogger.com)

In some merchandise sites, you can easily join their affiliate program, but in some cases, it takes some time to obtain the approval of your request. Their affiliate team will review your website and then they will give you approval.

According to pro bloggers and research, a blog is one of the best ways to promote products and services.

There is no need to pay anything to join any type of affiliate program. All you have to do is create a profile on their affiliate program only and there is no qualification also needed.

But this is not everyone’s cup of tea.

You should have focus and patience to achieve your goal and to get your first commission through affiliate marketing.

You can promote your affiliate product in many ways

  • Email marketing (My favorite way)
  • Content marketing
  • Video
  • Social media

Like I’ve said before, you have to win the trust of your audience, Only then, if you suggest something or refer to something, then they will think about taking action.

Many people ask how much you can earn through this?

So, with giving an answer to this, I am clearing that you can earn $1000 per day if you want.

Just you have to pay attention to two things. One is content and the second one is strategy.

Affiliate marketing Terms and Phrases

Merchandiser/ Advertiser

Earlier I discussed about the merchandiser. Let me tell you something more here.

Ok. so, the company relates to the merchandiser/ advertiser website is responsible for everything like

  • packing of the product.
  • how the product will reach to their customer,=.
  • how they will solve the customer issue. 
  • deliver products to the customer.

Affiliate Marketer/ Publisher

Affiliate marketers are those who join the affiliate program and promote affiliate product/services links within the content of their website.

As in, Harsh Agarwal, Pat Flynn, Syed Balkhi, Akshay Hullar all fall under the category of publisher Because we promote products or services of others in our blog through content.

You might have cleared your doubt now.

Affiliate Program

Simply, it is an online program where merchandise pays a commission to the affiliate publisher website. This program makes an agreement between merchandisers and publishers.

Through which a relation start Between Advertiser and Publisher

Publishers get a dashboard with approval, which shows them how much their merchandiser paid, how much is pending, and the best thing is they can directly interact with the affiliate team.

Affiliate Network

You can call it a mediator between publishers and the merchandiser affiliate program.

It allows publishers to find the best product in an affiliate program for their blog to generate a good amount of income. You can promote only related products of your blog topic.

And for which you have to find those products in the Merchandiser website so that you can take affiliate link and put it in your post.

This is just a way that connects merchandisers and publishers with one another.

Affiliate Manager

Whenever you apply for an affiliate program, Whether to approve that request or not, it remains in the hands of the affiliate manager of Merchandiser Company.

The affiliate manager is responsible for all the online affiliate programs from merchandisers, typically their job role involves…
recruiting affiliates,
create deals,
manage landing pages for affiliate conversion, etc.

Tracking link/ Affiliate link:

Although I have spoken about it before. But still, I want to tell you something here

This is the link through which you generate sales for your merchandiser and this is how they give commission to their publishers/affiliates.

Landing Page:

My favorite strategy is email list building and for that, all you need is an attractive landing page. amd the tool that i am following for email list building is ConvertKit (Get Started For Free).

landing page plays an important role in affiliate marketing. It converts your audiences to leads. You have to make your landing page attractive.  

To create a landing page, we have some such plugins which can give us a landing page in very short time.

I personally use a plugin called elementor for my blog.

Like Elementor, many other plugins are also available such as

Affiliate Banner Ad:

As much as I know, you must have seen banner ads somewhere. Yes, it is the old strategy now.

No one is following it much right now. I mean to say more bloggers pay more attention to the content because it is a content era.

But if you want to show ads, then you can take the code of image or banner ad from your dashboard and put it in your website? (sidebar is recommended)

Affiliate banner ads look like this

banner ads

Link Cloaking:

link cloaking is a method of long and bulky links to short to hide your affiliate id to reduce the chances of loss of commissions. You can say it is a URL Shortener Process.  

As you can see how ugly this link looks, your affiliate id is clearly visible.


Instead, you can write like this

http://digitaltapan.com/product name

Cost Per Click

You can take it as a cost per conversion. After getting some good amount of commission you can check how many total clicks you got and out those clicks how many converted. This is the power of cost per click.

If anyone clicks on your link, then they land on the merchandise website. If you are running a Facebook or Google ad, then you already know how it works.

Meaning is very simple

How many times your advertisements appeared and how many times people clicked. According to that budget will be deducted from whatever your budget is.

Conversion Rate:

The conversation rate total depends on your CPC. It is the percentage to count how much clicks you got and how much of them converted.

Let me make it understand you.

You have to divide the number of conversion by the total number of clicks and then multiply it into 100 and then you will get your conversion rate.

It is important to optimize the conversion rate if you want to approach your website visitor to take the desired action, due to which your clients, customers and sales will increase.

How Affiliates Get Commission

Merchandise company pays you money through PayPal, NEFT, Check, others.

UK and USA peoples are more focusing on affiliate marketing than earning money through blogging and YouTubing using Google Adsense.

There some people who are earning from both from google Adsense and affiliate marketing in one blog to multiply their earning.

How to Find the Available Affiliate Program

If you want to know whether a company is providing affiliate programs or not, then go to their website and their look for the become affiliate word or affiliate page, then you can join their program.

affiliate program link
affiliate program link

Idevaffiliate is software which is mostly used by the affiliate program provider companies.

Some Affiliate Marketing Marketplaces

Approaches to Successful Affiliate Marketing

If you want to increase your earning or you want to multiply your earnings then these are the steps which can make you a successful affiliate marketer.

These days bloggers, YouTubers, and digital marketers are mainly focusing only on affiliate marketing.

Because this is one of the realistic platforms where you can make more money than blogging and Youtubing through Google Adsense, but it is not rocket science. It takes some time. If you want to achieve your goal in affiliate marketing, you should have patience first.

You can’t achieve anything in haste . Nothing comes easily

Affiliate marketing is one of the things in which you have to keep trying every new technique to get your first commission. And once you started getting your commission, no one can stop you

Why Bloggers Are Earning More Money

There are some methods are available. If you follow these you can make your money, but some methods will take so time to work from you.

It means if you want to achieve your goal in the affiliate platform then no needs to focus on all the methods. If you focus on these two things only then success will be yours.

Before proceeding, I want to tell you that affiliate marketers’ main focus should be on these two things.

  • Choose the right product
  • Drive targeted traffic to product

1. Right Product

Many people fail in this module of affiliate marketing because of could not find the right product/service for affiliate business.

If you want to start the affiliate marketing with the right product/niche, then I will suggest you go marketplaces like ClickBankShareASale, and Commission Junction. These are the best places for affiliate marketing beginners.

If you are a blogger and want to make money through affiliate marketing with creating a niche blog, then you can find a related market place for your niche blog and if you’re going to become a niche marketer, then I will suggest you go through commission junction and ClickBank.

But one question is coming to face “what should be your blog niche and how to choose the right and profitable niche to do affiliate marketing.

How to Choose a Right Niche

Choosing the right niche is the primary and important step to start your blogging, affiliate marketing, YouTubing and entrepreneurship, etc..

Pick a topic that you enjoy talking about and can solve your community on the topic.

When you google, you can find, a lot of articles already on this topic.

how to choose the right niche for your blog

I have already written to guide people to choose the right niche to start a blog(visit the link to read the read and guide your self)

2. Drive Traffic

To drive people to the product or to your blog is the second and challenging thing for an affiliate marketer. For this, you have to write a blog in such a way that it will help readers to go for the product clicking through your affiliate link.

It should be an SEO friendly blog. This is one of the most demanding module in digital marketing.

Steps to Follow to Make Your Blog SEO Friendly

To understand the search engine and optimize a blog post is not everyone’s cup of tea. It takes so much time to fully optimize and get some free traffic to your website from Google and other search engines.

  • Proper keyword research
  • Detailed Blogpost
  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO/Backlink
  • Social Media Posting

Here is two handpicked article to guide to create a banner for social media posting and to do backlink which is important in SEO

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Do You Know Why Affiliate Marketing Is Best?

This is the most genuine and profitable way to make money online in millions. If you do not believe in my word then you can ask any digital marketer, bloggers or YouTubers also.

If you ask “what is the realistic method of making more money“, then you will get only one reply, and that is affiliate marketing.

But it is a challenging way to making money, but you can not imagine that if you once face and overcome the challenge and become a success in affiliate marketing than how much money you can get from this.

When you are running services /products company then you are responsible for a good product/service maintenance of the service and when someone purchases the product, you deliver that product to the buyer.

But the real thing is in affiliate marketing is you no need to do ever this thing. All you have to do is choose the right product and drive traffic to the product. 

All the maintenance and delivery will be taken care of by the company of the service or product provider.

Some Techniques Make You The Next Level Of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Techniques

  • Coupon code
  • Product review
  • Pay per click advertising
  • Email marketing
  • Affiliate banner
  • Newsletter marketing

1. Coupon Code

This is the eye-catching term.

yes or no?

If you want to make your audience attract to your affiliate product, then you can let your customers get a discount offered by relying on coupons.

You can create multiple coupons for multiple products. First, you have to think like that you are giving a discount to your audience means you are saving some money of your audience.

Then they will keep following /coming to your website on a regular basis to check whether any discount is available or not so that they can purchase the product with less price.

Here you can quickly get the thrust of your audience. First keep this line in your mind that “smart work, skills, and strategic thinking  is needed.”

There are some coupon making sites are there which will help you to create a discount coupon for your affiliate business.

2. PPC(pay per click)

You can start a pay per click (PPC) ads campaign to promote and drive traffic to your product or niche blog (you can call it a vendor website). When someone will clicks on your ad then your money will be deducted from your account.

When they will click to the product affiliate link, they will directly go to the merchandise website this is the technique all the affiliate markers are using these days.

Peoples are coming to your website by clicking the affiliate link means they are interested in your product. Those customers are only valuable or genuine customers.

Here you have to set particular keywords for a specific ad. If anyone types the keyword, then your text ad should appear on the SERP page.

pay for click ad in search engine result page

This is one of the leveraging ways on the search engine to drive more traffic to your website, but for this, you have to research the best-targetted keyword for your ad.

3. Product Review

Among all the techniques that I have written in this blog, the topmost technique is writing a product review in your blogPeople are making more money and earning more trust from the audience using this technique.

These days peoples are first focusing on a review of the product, and then they are going to purchase action.

Pat Flynn owner of smart passive income. He is the inspiration of many bloggers and affiliate marketers. He is a successful affiliate marketer.

Review means here you have to write all the benefits and flaws of the product. You have to write genuine things about the product, and you have to showcase all the things about the product.

If you go genuinely about writing a review of the product, you can earn the trust of your audience and people will visit your website to know about the product and there is a 90% chance that they will go to the buy action link.

You have to make your audience satisfied with your blogpost content/review blog that sticks the mind of your audience.

But guys it is not an easy technique of affiliate marketing. You have to focus more and more on content, optimize your content and then driving traffic to the content.

If people come directly through the search engine by searching some particular keyword, then this technique helps you more. Because 90% of the traffic from search engines is the real traffic that you want And the most important thing is, organically get traffic to your website is not like a cup of tea.

It may take some time. You should have patience and apart from you have to try other techniques also.

4. Email Marketing

This is also a technique which is used by most of the affiliate marketer.

You might have absorbed some websites in the footer and header, they are offering like ebook, report, product, service, etc and to get that you will be asked your email id, name, and mobile number, etc.

In some cases, you might have absorbed, before you jump to another page and just after entering a page, you are getting welcome and exit pops up, where it asks you to register through your name and email id to get regular updates, latest posts, or to get regular offers/coupons.

capture emails for email marketing

Likewise, you can collect some email ids, and you can send updates, offers, a newly published blog post with adding affiliate links.

You can send your emails to those peoples only who are subscribed for your updates or newsletter etc. When a subscriber opens and reads the blog and found something valuable and interesting then there is a chance that he will go for the action.

It doesn’t mean that those who subscribed for your blog, they will click on your affiliate link, but you can’t ignore this step.

You can use your brand signature to do email marketing. This is a smart technique you have to use this.

The best part of email marketing is that only interested people subscribe to your blog and though there are the targetted people, there are 95% chances that they will click on the link to make a purchase because they are looking for that you are providing in your blog.

You know, day by day competitions are getting tough. Your sales will be increased if you are following these techniques.

5. Newsletter Marketing

This technique is mainly focusing on list building. Using this technique also you can collect subscriber list, and you can send regularly about your product-focused content with affiliate link this process has similarity like email marketing what I already discussed earlier.

6. Affiliate Banner

affiliate banner ads

This is like a banner ad on your website if you put a banner ad in footer or header or on the sidebar, maybe your visitors take an action on that if they are really interested in it.

But the disadvantage of this technique is people are coming to your website/blog means they are attracted to your content so maybe people will unconsciously ignore your banner. But, you can’t ignore these steps.

Affiliate Marketing FAQ


Now bloggers are more focusing on affiliate marketing than AdSense…because it can give huge money than AdSense.

I hope you liked the article. If you have any question I will help you clarify your doubt. If you really impressed by this article then please give a comment with your opinion or question you want to ask.

Looking forward to hearing your thought. Thank you.

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