Thank You For Coming To This Page To Know More About Me

My name is Tapan Kumar MALLICK. I belong to a middle-class family. When I was in 9th class, my father brought a computer for home.

When I was pursuing my schooling, there was a subject the computer from 6th class. It was a lot of fun in computer class.

That’s why my interest in computers increased. But when I passed my 10th class, I joined the diploma in the mechanical branch. Because at that point in time, I did not know that someone could make his career working on the computer. I have no idea before I joined diploma.

Then I did my diploma and worked for around 1 and half years on the same platform also prepared myself for a Govt job as well.

When I was studying for my diploma, I came to know that a lot of people are doing diplomas in computer science and getting jobs also. But my field was different, that’s why I kept moving forward in it.

I was looking for a good job in mechanical, but I could not. I failed, then my day started diverting over the IT field. I decided to jump into the IT field.

Then I worked for 6 to 7 months in a net cafe and then did some computer and programming courses like PGDCA, java, PHP, HTML, CSS, etc.. and joined BCA.
Finally, I got a job in 2016 and worked there as a front-end designer.

Where I was doing my programming course, they used to teach digital marketing as well. So from there, I came to know about SEO and social media marketing.
I was asked about programming as well as about SEO in that Interview. I did not know much but I heard something about SEO, whatever I knew I just told them when they asked me the question “do you know anything about”. and fortunately, I was selected for the role.

Then I worked there for 3 to 4 months and then I came to Hyderabad and did a full digital marketing course and started my digital career.

One day while browsing I came to know about Harsh Agrawal and after getting so much motivation and inspiration from his blog I started my blog called BloggingServer.

I started writing content, learning new things and after failing with 3 blogs, I started this blog where I am writing all about blogging, affiliate marketing, digital marketing, email marketing, WordPress guide, hosting solution, etc.

Now I am the founder of so many online ventures.