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I am going to talk about one such hosting company in this post, which is cheap, beautiful, and strong. Because you pay more attention to these three things before buying anything.

I am right or not

These days everyone wants to earn money online and starting their own blog is a very good choice to earn. For this, all you need is a good domain (always purchase domain from GoDaddy) and powerful hosting.

There are many people who go for cheap hosting because of less budget and they later face the problem.

Yes, there is no problem if that hosting service such as chat support, client support, technical support, and their downtime and uptime record is good. Now you will find a review of any product in the Internet.

Let’s talk about A2 Hosting , which we know as a Green Hosting.

First, let me start with the history

A2 hosting started in 2001 and founded by Bryan Muthig. It is famous for its reliable and easy web hosting for swift and turbo server plans.


General information for the a2 hosting 

  • Features
  • Hosting plans
  • Pricing

Like every other hosting plans a2 hosting also has some pros and cons

Benefits of A2 hosting

  • Up To 20x faster server
  • Guru crew support
  • Free account migration
  • Anytime money guarantee
  • 99.9% uptime commitment

Hosting solutions

A2 hosting provide the best solutions for the customers

  • Call us
  • Live chat
  • Email us
  • Real reviews
24*7 friendly customer support

A2 hosting: The best speed and security settings provider.

A2 Hosting is available for the below CMS and eCommerce platform.

  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • Magento
  • open cart
Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, open cart

See here what a2 hosting says about their customers review

97% of our customers recommend a2 hosting to a friend. The numbers don’t lie, are you ready to become a customer to love their web host.?

Before going to start the hosting you need to know the basic things about it like

  1. When it started,
  2. How is the client service,
  3. Speed of the hosting server,
  4. Uptime and Downtime
  5. Hosting Support

A2 hosting started in 2001 and started spreading its globe fast…

It was launched as a hubby and they have started their business in a two-room office and now it’s data centers are located around the globe.

At that stage, they started servicing with a shared hosting slowly. They started providing other hosting like a reseller, VPS, dedicated, server solutions to the customer.

A2 Hosting is the best web hosting when it comes to web hosting

Here in the shared hosting, it comes with 3 plan

  1. Startup
  2. Drive
  3. Turbo Boost
  4. Turbo Max
a2 shared hostin all plans

No one likes slow websites whether you are a visitor or you are the owner of a website. If you want to get the result from a blog/website. A2 shared hosting is the best solution for you.

FeaturesStart UPDriveTrubo BoostTurbo Max
No. of websites1 Website UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
SSD Storage100 GBUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Site MigrationAvailableAvailableAvailableAvailable
Money Back GuaranteeAnytimeAnytimeAnytimeAnytime
Automatic BackupsNoFreeFreeFree
Turbo SpeedNoNoAvailableAvailable
Start HereStart HereStart HereStart Here
attractive features of shared hosting plans available in a2 hosting.

Swift shared hosting plan is recommended and this is the best hosting suitable for the budget.

You will get unlimited emails, SSD storage, unlimited website, below is a screenshot you can see. To know more you visit the website here.

24*7 friendly customer support

Already they have written all the types of solutions in their blog /article page. But if you want to know more than you can easily reach them with your problem through calls, chat support, email support.

They name their support as guru crew support because the support is available for 27/7/365.

Easily you can raise your ticket regarding your problem and they will get back to you by calls or emails. But their chat support takes 2 to 4 minutes to connect with the clients. But after once you connect with them can easily start talking with them.

Secure your website using a2 hosting

They are using hacks can and kennel care security to secure clients’ websites and their servers. This security feature is available for all the types of hosting not only for shared hosting.

It protects malware 24*7 to block attackers before they can damage your website.

No one wants bulk hack traffic which will affect your server and the reason you will face slow down your website speed and it may break out your security.

But no need to worry a2 hosting manages all the security and takes care of all the sites to protect your site being hacked. You can say this is the best and safest hosting platform.

Regular updating the hosting server

They are using kennel care software extension that allows a2 hosting to updates the security daily without rebooting their servers. it is also a key feature like hack scan.

Web hosting, VPS hosting, managed VPS and dedicated hosting also providing the above-mentioned features to their clients.

There are so many advantages that are there in this security like you will get fast updates with the latest security updates, no downtime, and automatic updates.

By visiting their knowledge base page you can solve many problems because they have written the solutions for all the problems someone can face.

Free account migration.

With free of cost, their team will migrate your existing hosting accounts to a2 hosting account.

The number of site migration depends on your plan. If you will go for the other like VPS, dedicated and you can migrate up to 25 sites.

If you fill the migration form with adding the hosting details then their team will take care of the rest of the things.

Web hosting comparison 

You can compare hosting plans using speed, exclusive, support, security, WordPress, eCommerce reliable, email developer and domain so that you can choose the better one.

A2 optimized wp plugin

To optimize your WordPress website they have designed a2 optimized plugin. With the help of this plugin, you can optimize your WordPress website speed.

Flawlessly you can go for the other cms like open cart, Magento, Joomla, drupal with a few clicks you will get your cms website ready.

A2 hosting providing so many other features like 

  1. website builder
  2. Railgun
  3. Barracuda spam firewall
  4. Dedicated IP

On all the above-mentioned security features and website builders you can get but you need to pay for that.

For every feature, you will get a dropdown option and you can choose whether you want to go for the free feature of advanced like in website builder two options will be there you can choose the one you want but you have to pay for the advance one.

SSL certificate is free but if you will go for the dedicated IP then you can get one by paying extra money.

If you are a webmaster or if you have an agency then a2 hosting is recommended for you without any issue you can manage all your website including clients websites and all the servers.

Free SSD, SSL and ssh certificates are available.

Free SSD, SSL and ssh certificates are available.

A2 hosting gives up to 300% faster boost, which helps to optimize faster. Which meets https free SSL certificates available for every hosting plan, because keeping your site and visitors secure is an important step if you are a webmaster.

SSH certificate will automatically enable when you purchase hosting.

It’s hosting environment connects with WordPress server to provide its client the best version of PHP and MongoDB

Anytime money-back guarantee

A2 hosting guarantees that at any cost of time they can refund your money if you feel unhappy with the hosting service/support/not friendly.

You can cancel the hosting and they will proceed to refund your money. They will give a full refund within 30 days.

But if it is more than 30 days then they will refund the money of the difference between prepaid and regular price. To know more you can visit their website.

Domain registration, set up fees and migration fees are non-refundable as other hosting companies also have the same policy. But one warning notice is here that if you request for the refund after 120 days then they will pay through PayPal.

Suppose you purchase for the hosting for 2 years but after one year you feel unsatisfied then you get a refund for the one year plan.

Green Hosting

Their green hosting partnership with the carbon fuel organization. They partner with footprint to offset their carbon footprint. With carbon fuel, they are reducing the CO2 emission.

Headquarter is at Ann arbor. They name the Tree town to the town. The town has 5000 trees and 150+ parks.

For protecting their future environment they have future server goal.

If people are looking for the hosting and they will know how a2 hosting is caring about the environment who will not make interest to go for this hosting.

Cons of A2 hosting

  • In shared hosting doesn’t have the root access, you need to go for the VPS or dedicated one for the server access.
  • To renew you have to pay the regular price which is more than the price you purchased.
  • Your uptime may reduce to 99.89% sometimes. I have not faced this uptime issue but sometimes due to high load in the server you may face)
  • Your site’s speed depends on the uptime, that is why you may feel sad sometimes.

If you have to stop their hosting service then you need to inform they before 15 days,you can mail them at billing@a2hostng.com you need to intimate them before 15 days of your plan renew.

Not only a2 hosting all the hosting companies (Bluehost, HostGator, GoDaddy, siteground, all provide the above this stop hosting service to gain some trust and to show their hosting support and security, etc…)

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